Fanatics Plan Halloween Bible & Book Burning

A North Carolina church plans to have a Halloween Bible and book burning.

This might get me branded as a flaming liberal by some, but unless a publication contains blatant smut, there is no excuse to burn books.

Even if translations such as the NIV or New Living Translations are deficient, that is still no excuse to burn them as many of these still possess the power of God unto salvation.

And even if Billy Graham and Rick Warren are deficient theologically, shouldn’t we study their works to learn for ourselves where these thinkers have gone astray rather than blindly accept the word of someone that destroys the evidence before we have the chance to judge for ourselves?

If one feels so moved by the Spirit to dispose of a work that one feels has compromised ones conscience, there are ways to part with the offending text that don’t draw attention.  What one is actually saying at a public book burning is that no one else should be allowed to read the book either.

Unless one’s faith is anchored in the Savior rather than the church, this outrage is almost enough to make one to want to leave Christianity.

by Frederick Meekins