Mohler Thinks He Knows What Your Career Should Be More Than You Do

On his 10/8/09 broadcast, Albert Mohler was in a tizzy wondering why fewer young men are going into missions work than women.

Since we are going to turn this into yet another opportunity to bash men, a pastime increasingly popular in certain Evangelical circles, could it be that as the Bible seems to indicate men might be less prone to the kinds of emotional manipulation many missionaries utilize to whip people up into a frenzy.

Just because someone in the pulpit is in a froth as to why we should do something does not mean by default that we have to go out and do it if it is not an explicit Biblical command but rather an individual interpretation.

One must also ask, if in these circles women are suppose to be keepers at home, who is suppose to go out and work in order to put something in the hands of these mendicants every time they come knocking?

Furthermore, is it really the call of God not being heeded or merely overzealous school administrators being ignored in terms of individual lives?

In his remarks, Mohler lamented the geographical blinders of Christian youth focusing on ministry closer to home.

Interesting also how someone headquartered in what is likely one of the most lily White sections of the country insists the rest of us aren’t pleasing God unless we trounce off to the Third World’s disease ridden cesspools.

I wonder what Albert Mohler’s done lately where a microphone wasn’t involved.

When one couples this Southern Baptist theologian’s obsession with those not married by the age of 22 and now this seeming ability to augur what young men should be doing in terms of career even better than they themselves can deduce, one could easily conclude that what Dr. Mohler has a problem with is the freedom we have in Christ to settle many of life’s most important decisions for ourselves.

by Frederick Meekins