Qaddaffi Scum, Kennedy Commie & Gov Jungle Gyms: Headline Potpourri #7

Obama wants to defame September 11th by highlighting the occasion as a day of service and downplaying the attack upon America.  So if one questions compulsory voluntarism, one will be anathematized as a contingency operation instigator.  We’re not suppose to use the word “terrorist” anymore.

Sean Hannity said he wouldn’t go down the road of criticizing Ted Kennedy so soon after the Senator’s death.  I recall reading of Ted Kennedy driving off one of the roads he went down.

It has been reported that the healthcare reform legislation being considered will order the IRS to hand your tax records over to health commissioners.  It was observed that apparently it’s OK to collect information in the name of universal healthcare but not to prevent terrorism.  If it’s wrong to ascertain the legal status of immigrants as to whether or not they should be here, then on what grounds do government agencies have to be passing this information back and forth regarding actual citizens?  There are already concerns about disparities of treatment among various groups and classes.  Just think how much worse it will be when your chart reads, “Middle class.  Do not resuscitate.”

The Healthcare reform bill also plans to spend over a billion dollars for jungle gyms, bike trails, and farmers markets.  Guess the Chinese want fit slaves for when they take over after the United States defaults on the loans from the Maoists.

In embracing the Lockerbie bomber, Qaddaffi proves he is still human scum.  Makes you wish for the good old days of the Bush Doctrine where, if you sided with America’s enemies, you were considered one of America’s enemies.

A public service announcement on Fox News was broadcast in Spanish.  This is more about conditioning actual Americans into accepting bilingualism since any Spanish-speakers watching an American cable news channel already likely comprehends or knows a considerable amount of English.

Geraldo Rivera has published a book titled “The Great Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity”.  Thought we weren’t suppose to consider matters of race or ethnicity.  Can you imagine the outrage if Pat Buchanan or David Duke published a book on how Whites are indispensable to the country’s welfare.  Quite telling how Geraldo publicically sides with his Hispanic heritage over his Jewish background.

An article in the leftwing propaganda rag “Sojourners Magazine” titled “Sex Without Shame” fails to mention that the only shameless sex is to be found in marriage between a man and a woman.  The closest the article gets is a tepid “In our churches we need to help younger people…say ‘yes’ to some shared bodily interactions. As we need to help each other not only just say no, but understand why ‘no’ or ‘not yet’ is an appropriate life-giving response to some other options we encounter along our sexual journeys.”  That’s so romantic and sensual that it makes Allan Greenspan sound like Conway Twitty.

A series of meetings were held to discuss “perseverance of the native Hawaiian people, challenges facing the Native Hawaiian community, and ways in which the White House might work with the community to find common solutions to our common challenges.” I wonder if similar concerns will be taken into consideration to ensure the continuation of Euro-American people or will steps continue to be taken in the form of Obama’s healthcare proposals to finally eliminate White folks once and for all.

Ted Kennedy sought an alliance between the KGB and the Democratic Party.  Many will denounce this pointing out of the shortcomings of the dead. However, at least Ted Kennedy got to die from a natural causes at a respectable age. That was more of an opportunity than given to the victims of this murderous regime that Ted sought to buddy-buddy around with.  I guess father like son as apparently Ted saw the Soviets in much the same way as his own father saw the Nazis.

by Frederick Meekins