Headline Potpourri #2

At least my God never forgets His word.  That is more than can be said of Pseudomessiah Barack Obama.

The President confessed to knowing nothing of the provision in the healthcare bill that would forbid insurance companies from enrolling new applicants once the legislation goes into effect.   Thus, he is either a liar or a halfwit.  Take your choice.

Walter Cronkite might have been the most trusted man in America, but that trust might have been misplaced.  According to a number of retrospectives published since his passing, one could legitimately conjecture that his support for America was questionable at best.

For example, in 1999 Cronkite accepted the Norman Cousins Global Governance Award.  In his acceptance speech, Cronkite called for the creation of a global planetary union usurping national sovereignty patterned after the United States government.

However, if we dig further back into the broadcaster’s past, we discover that Cronkite may have preferred a Soviet-style system.  According to researchers such as Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily and Cliff Clincaid of accuracy in media, Cronkite often sided with Communists throughout the course of the 20th century’s most dangerous conflicts.

Meteoroids weren’t the only thing space station astronauts had to dodge.  The toilet there backed up and overflowed.

Eugenicist theories are gaining legitimacy with the leftwing of the American government.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg announced that part of the reasoning behind Roe v. Wade was to decrease “undesirable populations”.  As a Jew suffering from cancer, perhaps someone should remind her that, in the eyes of many, she likely ranks high on that list.

Some might dismiss Ginsburg’s position as the bizarre personal idiosyncrasy of a mind that has seen more rational days.  However, Obama Science Advisor John Holden in a 1977 book coauthored with environmentalist Paul Ehrlich titled “Ecoscience” urges government to consider assorted population control measures.  And Obama himself has enunciated a position questioning the validity of extending the lives of those deemed unproductive by bureaucrats.

Sonoa Sotomayor apparently has no problems with hacking unborn babies to pieces.  However, in confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee, this font of Latin wisdom couldn’t arrive at a position as to whether or not you have a right to defend yourself.  Wonder if she’ll forgo any of the security protections extended to Supreme Court Justices.

Obama and his minions can’t wait to bust down your door and snoop through your stuff.  Under his so-called “Cap & Trade”, government thugs will barge into your homes to conduct so-called energy audits demanding that certain repairs and upgrades be implemented.

This is not the only measure ripping asunder the sanctity of private property like toilet paper of which Cherly Crowe insists we use only one sheet.  One provision of the healthcare reform bill approved by the Senate Health Labor & Pension Committee authorizes government prickers to weasel their way through your door and to vaccinate your family against your wishes.

by Frederick Meekins