Should The Government Pay Students Not To Fornicate?

A state-sponsored pregnancy prevention program at the University of North Carolina is paying girls $1.00 a day not to get pregnant.

Since it takes two to make a baby, shouldn’t young men be getting this WELFARE also?

If it was reversed, wouldn’t NOW nags be crying discrimination?

Some will argue there really isn’t anyway to prove boys are complying with the program.

But the same is true with girls up until the time they either have the baby or one notices the bulge in the belly.

So, when this happens, will program administrators subtract back to around the time when the contract was broken and demand any compensation from that point forward be returned to the program’s coffers?

How about, instead of handing out money, scaring both boys and girls into keeping their pants on and legs together by emphasizing what will happen to them should they catch an incurable disease or the hardship that will result from having a baby before they get married?

Contrary to the headshrinkers, fear can be a good motivator.

by Frederick Meekins