Captured Pirate Likely Tried As Juvenile

Leftists want the captured Somali tried as a juvenile because he is about 17 years old.

Interestingly, in every other instance, these very same liberals constantly counsel how the cultural norms of Third World trashpile nations are inherently superior to those utilized in the civilized West and the law used to justify letting this scumbag off easy says we must take into account the “social background of the juvenile”.

In liberalese that means the supposedly impoverished and downtrodden should be allowed to kill and pillage as many White people and Americans as they want to.

However, if we are to follow what the law ways, shouldn’t the pirate then be tried as an adult since in societies such as the one from which the pirate originates, individuals take on adult responsibilities at much younger ages then we do here.

One must also ask if this human debris had blown up an abortion clinic if these very same proponents of tolerance and understanding would be calling for a light sentence.

The next time the U.S. Navy comes across pirates, hopefully they won’t make the same mistake of bringing them into custody. Instead perhaps they should let the sharks decide the fate.

by Frederick Meekins