Obama Artist A Vandalizer

When I heard during the NCIS marathon on USA Network during one of those “Characters Welcome” segments that the individual coloring that creepy Communist-looking Obama “Hope” poster was a “street artist”, I figured that was just an euphemism for graffiti vandal.

It has now been reported that the artist has been arrested on charges likely related to that particular form of urban mischief.

Ironically, some praising this hoodlum would applaud him as more of an artist than Norman Rockwell or Thomas Kincaid who actually drew and painted things that actually looked like things rather than toss a dab of color on something and claim it was theirs.

Rather fitting the artist heralded as embodying the spirit and values of the Obama administration would be someone with almost no respect for private property whatsoever.

Wonder if his opulent benefactors would be as enthusiastic if it was their property being spray painted?

by Frederick Meekins