Obama Nothing But A Poser

According to a Washington Times story titled “Obama Now In Combat Mode”, the President is headed to a posh Williamsburg resort where he and the politburo will wallow in luxury ringing their hands about the deteriorating economy.

It is estimated that the trip will cost at least $80,000 with this tabulation arrived at by factoring in the $70,000 it will cost Democratic leaders to charter an Amtrak train to the event and the $11,000 for food and the $7,000 spent on entertainment at this leftist orgy back in 2003.

If these frauds were really interested in addressing the nation’s problems, they’d drive there themselves, pack their own snacks, and go outlet shopping on their own dime like the rest of us when on break.

Better yet, they don’t need to go there at all because what are they going to do over the course of a single weekend that they don’t get done the rest of the week while they are in Washington?

Readers need to be reminded that the President going to this event was the candidate who at one time lamented about the American people eating what we wanted, driving SUV’s, and keeping our homes at 72 degrees.

Real leadership consists of not placing a set of expectations upon those following you that you yourself are not willing to abide by.

If President Obama was anything more than a poser, he would refuse to participate in this ostentatious consumption at taxpayer expense.

by Frederick Meekins