Nation Tottering Close To Political Idolatry

It is understandable that most would take an interest in the peaceful transitions of power that take place in the United States between one administration to the next as it is a skill less civilized countries have failed to master; however, what is taking place right now in relation to Barack Obama is downright frightening and almost idolatrous in its implications

About the most disgraceful piece of commemorative inaugural memorabilia I’ve seen is a flag with Obama’s visage emblazoned across it.

The flag is a symbol of the United States that ought to remain above the holders of the office sworn to protect it.

To defile it in this manner is an act as almost disgusting as burning it.

It has been my contention that if Obama is not the Anti-Christ, he is certainly a stand in for the dress rehearsal as Satan works out the kinks.

A plot element central to the narrative of the Book of Revelation is something known as the “Mark of the Beast” that all dwelling upon the earth must receive as a sign of loyalty to this tyrannical regime.

Interestingly, Obama worshipers are not without their own version as a story on Fox and Friends on 1/18/09 chronicled someone disfiguring their body with an Obama tattoo.

One might respond that Obama cannot be held responsible for the devotion of his followers and should not be perceived as an aspiring dictator because of it.

Frankly though, he has done next to nothing to discourage it and in fact seems to be encouraging these ostentatious trappings of power.

For example, if Obama is the epochal figure of Hegelian proportions he is made out to be, shouldn’t he be putting a stop to all these worshipful inaugural ceremonies, especially in light of the financial crisis the country faces?

So I guess when he says we will all be called upon to sacrifice, that does not include the accolades he will have heaped upon himself.

More concrete proposals being considered just about come straight from Hitler’s playbook.

For starters, there is the Obama tribute film reminiscent of Leni Riefenstahl’s “Triumph Of The Will.”

Ironically, this cinematic glorification of the Fuehrer is actually less audacious in its titling than the one about the new President called “Believe” as if he is somehow deserving of our prayerful adoration.

Even more frightening are a couple of administrative initiatives being bandied about by Obama’s supporters.

One hopes to turn his vast army of volunteers and online minions into a “service” organization existing apart from the government (can anyone say SA or SS).

Another seeks to establish a position within the White House that would basically amount to a secretary of art and culture that would establish an “artists corps” at the beck and control of the government, no doubt to paint massive portraits of Obama himself on the sides of public buildings before it’s all over with.

So in these hard economic times where we are told how it is imperative that we all cut back with Obama at one time lamenting how Americans should not be able to eat what we want, drive SUV’s, or keep our homes at a constant 70 degrees, we are to be financing new financial outlays in support of what amounts to unnecessary aesthetic debaucheries.

Truthful historians of the 80’s and 90’s will recall that government funded art was usually a euphemism for crosses submerged in urine, dung smeared portraits of the Virgin Mary, and floors painted to look like the America flag so you could not get through a room without having to trample across Old Glory.

With all the fanatical behavior being exhibited, one must stop to ask would this devotion reach such a fever pitch if Obama was White or, even more importantly, conservative?

Makes you wonder if they are wrapped up in the man or the undeserved handouts he plans to give them.

by Frederick Meekins