The Day of Good

I’m still reeling from  the events of this day. 28 people, most of them children, are dead because a man filled himself with evil and hate and malice and decided to destroy lives. It’s horrifying. It’s despicable. It’s incomprehensible.

Erick made an excellent point today: Evil is not the opposite of good; rather it is the absence of good. People who live without good in their lives are subject to evil.  It fills the void that should be filled with peace and love.  It takes away their heart, their empathy, and their compassion.

The only way to counter evil is with good. There’s no point in making sense of this tragedy. There’s no sense to be had. Even if we discover a motive or a are able to diagnose, post-mortem, a psychological disorder, it won’t bring back the lives of the children lost. Rather than argue over gun control or concealed carry or any other political topic, topics that can be discussed when we’ve had time to heal somewhat, let’s focus on attacking the root of the problem.

So tomorrow, let’s all do something good for one another. Pick a random moment and do something nice. Do something special and unexpected. Help an old lady carry her groceries to her car. Offer to mow the lawn of that neighbor you don’t know very well. Leave an extra big tip for the waitress at the diner.

Just do something. Change someone’s day. If they’re having a bad day, make it good. If they’re having a good day, make it great!

Who knows? By changing their day, you may just change their life.

And while I’m at it, I’ll suggest you make it a habit. Pick a day each month and do something nice on that day. Maybe you’re born on the 14th of some month, so the 14th of each month you go out of your way to do something nice for a random person. It doesn’t matter what day, or how many days per month or week or whatever. Just make a habit of doing a good deed for someone for no reason. Even if you’re having a bad day, go out and do it.

Who knows? The soul you save might even be your own.