Sean Bielat aims to turn MA-04 from blue to red

There are several second-time Congressional candidates vying for a chance to help increase the GOP’s hold on the House. Among them Sean Bielat is attempting to make sure Joseph Kennedy III doesn’t take over MA-04, the seat being vacated by Barney Frank.

Bielat’s campaign admits the fight won’t be easy. Assuming he wins Tuesday’s primary (which seems more than likely), he’ll face an inexperienced Democrat challenger, but one that is trading on a powerful family name. Kennedy has raised over $3 million compared to Bielat’s half-million dollar count so far; however in 2010 Bielat had raised just $200,000 by this time and that number swelled to $2.2 million before the election. His nationwide base of monetary support was so unexpected that Barney Frank expressed clear misgivings at being challenged by the upstart Bielat in his 54-43 victory speech.

So who is Sean Bielat? The Norfolk, MA resident lives with his wife and two children. He served as an active duty Marine officer and eventually as a Major in the Marine Corps Reserve. He has business degrees from Harvard and the University of Pennsylvania and has worked as a consultant and businessman. He has managed defense projects worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Compare that experience to Joe Kennedy: His degrees are from Stanford and Harvard Law School. He worked as an Assistant District Attorney.  Most of his campaign bio is dedicated to volunteer work while in law school and his time in the Peace Corps. Laudable perhaps, but eerily similar to President Obama’s “Community Organizer” experience.

Let’s face it. Joe Kennedy wouldn’t be running for this seat except for his last name. The Democrats are counting on the Camelot magic to win them this seat.

Is Sean Bielat a fire-breathing conservative? If you’re comparing him and his campaign platform to Marco Rubio or Mike Pence you’re likely to be a little disappointed, but he is solidly conservative and far more so than his major primary challenger, who admits she left the GOP for some years over abortion. You can mark off the checklist: He supports repealing Obamacare, extending the current tax rates and reducing the deficit and debt. He believes in strong national defense, securing our borders, the Second Amendment and in the continued existence of Israel.

Massachusetts is not an easy place to run as a Republican, but Scott Brown showed us that it can be done successfully, especially now. The inexperienced Bielat garnered an impressive vote total in 2010 against an established incumbent candidate who was well known throughout his district.

The most important thing you can do to help is donate.  Massachusetts is an expensive media market, even in the areas of the district away from Boston.  Money is going to count.  You can help keep Congress Kennedy-free.

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