Why I'm supporting Sandy Adams (R-Cand, FL-07 PRI)

UPDATE: Sandy Adams’ campaign is getting moneybombed. Click to support her here.

UPDATE: The moneybomb is over. In one day, the campaign raised over $29k. You can still support Sandy with the link at the bottom of this post.

In 2010, Americans and specifically conservatives rejected the “old way” of crony politics. We sent 87 freshman congressmen to Washington and took over state houses, governorships and local offices in ways that this nation hadn’t seen in over a century. Under the mantle of the Tea Party, conservatives swept into power like never before. Some of these names are familiar, like Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott. Other names are less familiar but no less important.

One of those names many aren’t familiar with is Sandy Adams. Currently serving in Florida’s 24th district, redistricting now has Sandy now facing a primary battle with John Mica in Florida’s 7th district. A more stark contrast between cronyism and the Tea Party is hard to find.

John Mica is a 10-term congressman first elected in 1992. He is head of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. During his tenure, Mica helped create the Transportation Security Administration (which, to his credit, he is now attempting to dismantle). He lobbied for the “Sun Rail” high speed rail initiative in Florida, which Florida Governor Rick Scott and Floridians rejected. Some major projects have ended up among contractors that are clients of his family. He’s even boasted that, “There’s no way in hell I’d support banning earmarks.” While Mica campaigns on reducing government, his record shows a distinct big government preference.

John Mica also has a record of misleading voters about his primary opponent. He’s played fast-and-loose with Sandy Adams’ record, claiming she supported the Obama Stimulus package when in fact she wasn’t yet even in Congress. His excuse? She voted for a Florida State budget that included some money from the Stimulus (along with nearly every other Florida Republican legislator). He also voted against the stimulus bill, then sent out a press release lauding its inclusion of high speed rail dollars, many of them intended for Sun Rail. He even complained that the Stimulus money wasn’t spent fast enough.

Mica’s even a loose cannon. At the 2008 Republican National Convention, he assaulted an ABC News reporter, which was captured on video:

Worse, when Floridians had an opportunity in 2010 to replace John Mica, no one stepped up to challenge him in the primary. In fact, he hasn’t had a primary fight since he was elected in 1992. He could have run this year in Florida’s redrawn 6th District and would likely have run unopposed in that primary. Instead he chose to make an expensive and unnecessary primary fight with Adams.

The man feels invincible. Conservatives can’t accept a congressman, even a Republican, who feels invincible.

Sandy Adams couldn’t be a more stark contrast. Both Club for Growth and Heritage Action scorecards rate her as more conservative than Mica. She is endorsed by Allen West, Sarah Palin, Erick Erickson, Tea Party Express, and others. Adams opposes the growth of government and supported the first year-over-year cuts in spending. Top on her priorities list is reducing government interference and eliminating tax burdens, red tape and other impediments to business.

I don’t live in Florida. I live in a very safe Republican district in another state. I’m supporting Sandy Adams because this race will make a difference in the makeup of the Congress. Adams will be a solid vote in favor of less government, against earmarks, and in opposition to the cronyism that John Mica enjoys and endorses.

You can support Sandy here.