Keep Sandy Adams, dump John Mica

Sandy Adams may have the most unlikely back-story for a conservative Republican Congresswoman ever. That is, if you believe the media bias about single moms and the “War on Women”, which Sandy Adams doesn’t. In fact, I’ve met more than one conservative activist, politician or regular American who grew up like Sandy Adams and became a leader in the conservative movement.

Sandy joined the Air Force at 17. A single parent, she worked two jobs and got her GED so she could eventually become a deputy sheriff in Orange County, FL. She lost her husband, also a law enforcement officer, when he was killed in the line of duty. At that point, many people would give up, but Sandy turned to advocacy. She was elected to the Florida legislature, where she pushed for smaller, more open government and focused on constituent service. In 2010, Sandy joined with the Tea Party to put conservatives back in power in Washington.

Redistricting in Florida has Sandy facing a Republican Primary challenge from John Mica, who represented FL-07 when it largely covered the coast north of Orlando. The redistricted area now centers largely around and to the north of Orlando, Sandy Adams’ home district (previously FL-24). The conventional wisdom is that Mica, who has been in Washington for 20 years, gets to claim “incumbent” status, has the backing of the GOP establishment and a monetary advantage, will win the primary fight. We conservatives can’t let that happen.

I hadn’t heard of this race and didn’t know who Sandy Adams was until she came to speak at the RedState Gathering. Her speech was good, but it was her one-on-one interviews with Breitbart’s Larry O’Connor and RedState’s Moe Lane, as well as my interaction with her staff that convinced me Sandy is the real deal. The endorsement from conservative activists and groups like Tea Party Express as well as others solidified in my mind that Sandy needs to go back to Congress in 2012.

Top on Sandy’s list is improving the regulatory and tax burdens that stifle business and job creation. Coupled to that is eliminating the trillion dollar deficits and replacing Obamacare with free-market solutions. Sandy opposed the Stimulus bill and everything that came with it, and supported the first real year-over-year budget cuts (as opposed to “reducing the increase in spending”) since World War II.

The same kind words can’t be written about her primary opponent, John Mica. Big Government has called this race “the starkest contrast between the new brand of Tea Party conservatives and the ‘Old Bulls’ of the free-spending pork-barrel Republican majorities.” Mica is part of the same Establishment GOP group that grew spending under George Bush and raised our debt from $6 Trillion to $10 Trillion.

Mica is chairman of the Transportation Committee, one of the two biggest pork factories in Congress. When asked about earmark reform, he stated, “There’s no way in hell I’d support banning earmarks.” He supported the High Speed Rail initiative that Florida Governor Rick Scott and most of Florida flatly rejected. When the Transportation bill was signed, Mica actually told President Obama he was the President’s “biggest cheerleader”. He’s been endorsed by the Orlando Sentinel, the same newspaper that endorsed Barack Obama in 2008.

I don’t know about you, but that’s not a Republican that I want serving in Congress.

Sandy Adams is the right choice for Central Florida and for the United States. She’s right on the issues. She has the integrity to be a leader in Congress for Conservatism. Whether you live in Central Florida or not, we need to support Tea Party politicians like Sandy Adams against establishment DC types like John Mica.

You can support Sandy Adams by clicking here.

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