I will not support this

NOTE: Before I’d even finished writing this, Steve Foley (who nominally runs The Minority Report and who is running for Congress in California) edited the post. While I’m glad he dropped the particular language, I won’t congratulate him. The post is still vile, hateful garbage. I couldn’t reach him for comment.

I haven’t posted at The Minority Report in a couple of years. It’s a smaller conservative blog with a wide array of sister sites covering lots of different issues and promoting conserrvative activism. It used to have contributors like the inestimable late David Hinz, my good friend the formidable Amy Miller, myself and others.

Today, I was flabbergasted when my twitter feed directed me to a post titled “Meghan McCain is a Dim, Tubby [redacted], and she speaks only for herself”. The [redacted] alludes to Ms. McCain being, uh, sexually promiscuous. Penned by someone named Jessica Cybulski (I’d never heard of her before today, but apparently she write for a blog called “Pretty Girl Politics”), the piece is rife with angry and hate-filled attacks and criticisms of the former presidential candidate’s daughter.

I’m no fan of Meghan McCain. I think she’s vapid and incredibly unintelligent, just the kind of “useful idiot” the Left likes to trot out to try to make Republican politicians, RedState readers and conservative bloggers seem “extreme” or show that conservatives are just dumb rich people disconnected from the 99%. These kind of attacks, however, aren’t acceptable.

Just what kind of attacks are we talking about? Well, here’s what Ms. Cybulski had to say:

Meghan McCain is a barely-literate, tubby [redacted] who denigrates the English language and American culture with every vapid tweet, every semi-conscious observation and every labored, sweaty exhalation she emits into MSNBC’s unwatched airwaves.  Based on the McCain family’s longevity, I may have to endure another twenty years of John McCain’s pliantly-principled palaver.  But Meghan McCain is my age.  I’ll be damned if I’m going to suffer another sixty years of [redacted], double-chinned insights from her increasingly cavernous orifices.

You’ll note I redacted some of Cybulski’s more, er, intelligent phrasings. I want to note again that Steven Foley changed the truly offensive word in question to “trollop”. Amy Miller got screen shots of Cybulski’s rant before they were changed (language warning). You can evaluate them yourself.

Here’s another example of the vitriol spewed by this woman:

At least Kim Kardashian is easy on the eyes.  At least Paris Hilton can make a cute purse.  Among the famous-for-being-famous set, Meghan McCain is a miracle.  She’s untalented, unaccomplished, unpretty, unskinny, unprincipled and often unintelligible.

While Cybulski makes a few correct points, the ad-hominem attacks are totally unacceptable for intelligent discourse. I’ll call you a name to your face if you act in a truly stupid fashion. I’ll ridicule some comment by Obama or Hillary Clinton because of how ridiculous or how economically illiterate it may be. If attacked personally, I’ll rip into people with anger and vitriol like a human Krakatoa (and often, with vile language of my own, which I’ll usually later regret).

However, I draw the line at cold, calculated name-calling and personal attacks simply because I don’t like someone. There’s plenty to criticize about Meghan McCain without ripping on some perceived weight issues or purported sexual promiscuity. This kind of personal attack is morally wrong. It harms the author’s point, lowers the level of discourse and feeds the Left’s persistent meme that conservatives are “haters” or that we’re waging a “War on Women”. I hope Steve sees this like I do and fully redacts the post.

So no, I won’t support this, and I’ll go to the mat with Ms. Cybulski any time over this kind of garbage. Cybulski doesn’t represent conservatives, and especially not me, any more than does Meghan McCain.

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