Get Angry!

Republicans and Democrats are each trying to blame the other for not passing a budget.  Fox News reports that Party leaders are facing off against each other with “disdain”.  The Republicans in the House have proposes at spending bill with $61 billion in spending cuts, while the Democrats in the Senate have countered with their own bill cutting just $6.5 billion.

“We’ll end up back at square one without consensus, without a budget for the rest of this fiscal year, and without assurances that we can keep the country running,” Reid said. “So, once these votes are behind us, and everyone’s voice is heard, I hope each senator and member of Congress will find renewed motivation to do what we needed to do since the beginning, come together, negotiate in good faith.” 

“Good faith”?  “Good faith?  That’s what Harry Reid thinks we need?

This country doesn’t need “good faith”, it needs ruthlessness!  What this country needs is for people like Harry Reid and the rest of the politicians in Washington to do is start taking the budget deficits seriously, because so far neither side has!

It’s time for the Tea Paties to start back up.  It’s not enough that we voted the Democrats out because we have too much of the same-old, same-old in Washington.  Too many of the politicians inside the Beltway are just doing the same dance to a different tune.  That’s not why I attended those Tea Parties last year.

It’s time for Americans to get ANGRY!  Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have come up with anything resembling the necessary cuts to balance our budget.  Every American should be livid at how so little has changed.  We’re projecting a $1.6 trillion budget deficit this year, and the Republicans and Democrats want to argue over the difference between a 4% cut and a 2/5% cut?!  It’s like arguing over whether to use a gauze pad or a band-aid on a sucking chest wound when they really just need to get to a hospital!


Get angry, people!  Call your Congressman, Republican or Democrat, and tell them that $61 billion isn’t even a good start.  It’s not even a drop in the bucket!  The GAO reports there’s $200 billion in wasteful spending.  That should be their starting point!

Get wrathful, people!  Go to Town Hall meetings.  Find your Congressman’s and Senator’s local office and show up there demanding answers.  “Why won’t my Congressman vote to cut $200 billion in wasteful spending?”  “Where does my Senator stand on cutting the deficit?”  “Why can’t we find places to cut a budget that has doubled in just one decade?”

Get mad, people!  We live in a free Republic.  If our “leaders” don’t fix these budget woes, we have no one to blame but ourselves.  Get angry and stay angry until the dolts in Washington get their act together.