At posts entombed

Though they did not yet know they were at war,
An armada crested upon their shore.
Thousands of Sailors, Airmen and Marines
In the sights of foes who were yet unseen.
From the air and the sea the Rising Sun
Let loose heady bombs and fired wrathful guns
On the men who slept in their quiet peace
Until the sirens’, their slumber released.

On the land, the great ships and in their planes
Defenders rose and took steady, true aim.
Yet while their task was fair and just and true,
The Reaper appeared, to claim hefty due.
Liberty’s cost is a treasure worthy,
Its count high on the Day of Infamy.
So two thousand one hundred seventeen
Brave souls would die for freedom’s costly sheen.

Now, the war would cost in dollars billions;
In lives the cost was measured in millions.
FLASH! And FLASH!  The great enemy subdued;
A forgotten alliance then renewed.
But the men who survived could not forget
The friends they had lost in the holy inlet:
West Virginia and Nevada and more,
Oklahoma; Hickam, lost on the shore.

The greatest loss:  Arizona, the Brave,
Took more than a thousand men to their grave.
Many lie with her, at their posts entombed
In sacred place we shall never exhume.
She bleeds for them still, ask those who survived:
Great valor, great courage; from these we thrived.
And though time and distance we all have crossed,
We still remember the souls who were lost.