Intemperate Thoughts IV

It has been a few months since my last catharsis of intemperate thoughts. It’s now time to release my latest list of politically-incorrect musings about life in these United States. Get ready, ’cause I’m coming out with barrels blazing!

Intemperate Thoughts


  1. The people of New York deserve Charlie Rangel. Despite the ethics cloud and numerous alternatives both liberal and conservative, they still voted for him. The voters in his district are clearly brain-dead.
  2. While the unemployment rate stood at nearly 10% and the percentage of workers without work neared 20%, the United States Congress took some time out to investigate the BCS system. Glad to see they’ve got their priorities straight… Wait, they weren’t passing stupid laws. Maybe that was a good thing.
  3. North Korea threatened that the current joint military exercises by the United States and South Korea “could lead to war”. Considering the number of attacks that North Korea has made on the South with virtually no response from the United States or ROK, I wonder if Kim Jong Il actually knows what the word “war” means.
  4. All of that’s hardly surprising since Katy Perry singing, Mexican drug violence and my alarm clock going off before 6:00am are also listed by North Korea as actions that could lead to war.
  5. Yes, just in case, I set my alarm to 6:01.
  6. No, not really.
  7. The TSA is now enamored with “pat downs”. Massive numbers of sexual deviants applying for TSA screener jobs in 4… 3… 2…
  8. Obama got a minor injury playing basketball. Among other surprising news, Neil likes technology.
  9. With the “Bush Tax Cuts” about to expire (or really, the “Obama Tax Increases” about to take effect), is it any wonder our economy continues to struggle along? Actually, considering the state of economic education in this country, maybe for most people it still is.
  10. Black Friday was once again a mania-filled event this year. I have nothing against capitalism or against holiday sales, but you people waiting in the snow, rain and cold at 3am to save $25 on a toy your kid will forget about in three days really make me wonder. You people who rioted over your position in line for that toy should be sterilized.
  11. Once again, I ate enough for five people on Thanksgiving. There’s nothing intemperate about that, I’m just reporting.
  12. When December 22, 2012 rolls around with no major changes or events, I’m going to laugh in the face of all those people who are preparing for Armageddon.
  13. Speaking of the Mayan Calendar, does The History Channel put on any programming dealing with actual history anymore?
  14. Skating With the Stars last week was a ratings boondoggle for ABC by comparrison to normal programming. Apparently, the magic of DWTS didn’t translate to SWTS. Hopefully Disney/ABC has learned not to mess with the Browncoats.
  15. I’ve caught a few episodes of “Border Wars”. Forget the drama, look at what’s going on. Anyone who believes the Global War on Terror doesn’t involve our southern border is a [redacted] moron.
  16. It has become apparent to me that the way to make money in “popular” music these days is to repeat various unintelligible grunts and mindless, non-sensical phrases to bad, fast-beat, artificially-generated background music and have a sexyfreakish woman wearing next to nothing doing either back-up or lead vocals.
  17. Fans of the above vote.
  18. Thanks to ACORN, they can vote even if they’re not old enough to drive.Sorry, Amy. We all still love you.
  19. I grew a beard this month for “Mustache Movember”. As a result, I will donate some money for prostate cancer research. There should be more charitable events where I have an excuse to stop shaving.
  20. The President stated in a speech following the recent election that he was willing to listen to GOP ideas on Health Care if the Republicans in Congress had any. Apparently, the President is deaf, dumb and blind, because the GOP has been offering up ideas since long before he became President.
  21. Select individuals, who are responsible enough and have shown great depth of character, should be given the authority to use guided anti-vehicle missiles on people who follow too closely on the highways. I would be one of these select individuals.
  22. They are remaking “True Grit”. This is A) sacrelige and B) proof that Hollyweird is completely out of new ideas.
  23. Is it wrong that I stated the above, yet still think the new movie looks like it might be fracking awesome? I’m asking.
  24. I find it amazing that people will gladly fork over $10 cover to get into a loud, dirty, over-crowded bar with awful music, really bad service and massively overpriced drinks several nights each week, but balk at the really relatively small premiums we pay for health insurance.
  25. It’s hockey season. Those of you who cannot appreciate the greatness that is hockey are communists. There, I said it.
  26. A woman who witnessed a shooting at a shopping center south of Atlanta stated in a radio interview that it was like the “Old Golden Corral”. I’ll be more attentive watching for gangsters next time I hit the buffet.
  27. If you talk on your cell phone while in a public restroom, you are rude, inconsiderate and weird.Also, icky.
  28. As of today, the Lame Duck Congress has about four weeks to “fix” all the stuff it didn’t do in the 10 months before the election, like extending the tax rates and passing a budget. The Republic collectively trembles in fear.
  29. I don’t care if you’re Christina Hendricks, Salma Hayeck, Amy Smart or Nicole Kidman, or any other equally physically attractive woman. If you’re a woman and you smoke anything other than a rare special occasion cigar, you’re ugly.
  30. If you’re a man, you’re ugly.  Who said anything about smoking?
  31. A recent report indicates that the Health Care Takeover will cost even more than the CBO originally thought. In other news, the Earth is round.
  32. The New York Times editorial board thinks the NRA should be spending its time and money advocating for more gun control. Yes, clearly. Because it’s standard practice for advocacy organizations to do exactly the opposite of what people who donate money to them want them to do.
  33. As spectacular as the elections earlier this month were, they could’ve been much more impressive. A lot of open seats that could and probably should have gone to the GOP… Well, didn’t. I can only account the inept GOP leadership for the lack of a coherent message and their attempts to co-opt and “control” the Tea Parties.
  34. Poor Princess Nancy Pelosi doesn’t get to fly in her nice big ol’ airplane anymore. Pity Party for poor wittle Nancy! Aww
  35. I have determined that watching live minor league hockey on Thanksgiving is much more entertaining than watching the Detroit Lions lose. Again.
  36. Wikileaks has released memos revealing that we’re spying on our allies and our State Department officials are reporting back dirty details on foreign heads of state. This will likely damage the United States diplomatically. Those of you who think most of our allies aren’t also spying on us, raise your hands.
  37. If you raised your hand, put it down, your co-workers are staring at you. Also, you’re an idiot.

Okay, my catharsis feels somehow… Incomplete. But that’s a pretty good list for now and you’re probably all tired of my cantankerous musings by now. For those of you who aren’t, I applaud you, and you need therapy.