Intemperate Thoughts III

Last year, I posted a listing of “Intemperate Thoughts” that occurred to me over the Independence Day weekend. They were generally random thoughts of politically-incorrect musings brought about by my daily interaction with socialists, progressives, liberals, conservatives, libertarians and the ever-indefinable “independents”. It was well received and so a few months ago, I followed up with some more intemperate thoughts.

Well, I’ve been building up a cantankerous attitude over the last couple of weeks, and I’m ready to fire again. I apologize if there are any repeats from the last two, but I’m just too worked up to check.  Without further ado:

Intemperate Thoughts:

  1. As the Lame-Stream Media goes apoplectic over Breitbart and the Sherrod video, their outrage over JournOlist is decidedly mute. I guess it’s pretty hard to be outraged at yourself when you are, in fact, a hypocrite.
  2. I find it amazing that we spent 650,000 American lives deciding the issue of slavery some 150 years ago, and now liberals are more than willing to offer themselves (and the rest of us) up as slaves to an all-powerful Federal government.
  3. I wonder if those “Whale Wars” guys realize that the Japanese Navy, and in fact any Navy in the world, would be well within its rights to sink their pitiful little boats?
  4. Considering all the evidence to the contrary (the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, Argentina, and so on), one has to be willfully stupid to continue to believe that centralized control of an economy results in economic growth.
  5. Speaking of “willfully stupid”, does anyone think the Left is really convinced that Green Jobs will grow the American economy when they did nothing for Spain? Me, neither.
  6. If Israel or some other interested party bombs Iran’s nuclear facilities, I will walk out my front door and dance in the street. I will post video. After blurring my face.
  7. Conservatives spend their time trying to think of ways to get off disability and get back to work. Liberals spend their time trying to think of ways to get on disabiltiy and never have to work again.
  8. There is nothing so indicative of a lost argument as an ad-hominem attack. When one side gets personal, you know they’ve lost.
  9. Does anyone else notice that the Tea Party seems to have claimed more Republicans’ careers than Democrats? That’s not a bad thing.
  10. When businesses don’t perform, people stop investing in them. When schools don’t perform, politicians give them more money.
  11. Liberals hate monopolies. Unless that monopoly is run by the government.
  12. The Democrats want nothing to do with Alvin Greene in part because he’s an unemployed layabout, and in part because Democrat voters weren’t smart enough to figure out that Alvine Greene was not Al Green. If that isn’t proof that Democrats don’t believe their own rhetoric, I don’t know what is.
  13. Without the income from oil and minerals, Russia would be a third-world country. The only reason they still matter is that they have 1) nukes and 2) oil.  And not necessarily in that order.
  14. If Americans were half as concerned with county and state politics as they are with the latest gossip on TMZ or Entertainment Tonight, this country would be in a much better place.
  15. In many states, a person with an advanced degree in business or economics isn’t qualified to teach high school business and economics courses because they don’t have a degree in education. Meanwhile, a person with an education degree who has never taken a business or economics course is assigned to teach these classes. It’s no wonder so many American’s don’t know the first thing about economics.
  16. Democrats say the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts only helped “the rich” and hence, were evil. Yet when those cuts expire in January, the lowest tax bracket will see the largest (50 percent) tax hike. So who’s “evil”?
  17. I don’t believe there is anything we can do, legally, to stop the Ground Zero Mosque, unless we somehow link the money backing it to terrorists or similar parties. That doesn’t change the fact that the organizers, based on the name (Cordoba Mosque) and the literature about the site, are self-absorbed, inconsiderate [expletive deleted]’s who should be shunned by every corner of society and ridiculed until the end of time.
  18. I hope that the Obama Administration keeps pushing the Leftist meme that “the stimulus worked”. It will all but usher in a Conservative revolution in November.
  19. It’s also too bad they’re not saying “jobs saved or created” anymore. That was just too funny!
  20. In the Gaza Strip, they just built a luxury shopping mall. Gaza receives the equivalent of $50 billion (after considering Price Purchasing Parity) in aid every year. So why does it need “humanitarian aid flotillas”?
  21. Al Franken once called Rush Limbaugh a “big, fat idiot” and used that as the title for a book… Karma’s a b****, ain’t it Al?
  22. There is very little that is more annoying than showing somebody the textbook and/or dictionary definition of a word, and then being told that it’s wrong. This is standard operating procedure for liberals.
  23. Businesses are in business to make a profit. If you think that making profits is evil, try living in a country where capitalism is forbidden. I suggest North Korea.
  24. There was no statement on the Census Form instructions requiring it be filled out in English. So I filled mine out in Klingon. I still haven’t gotten a visit from a Census worker!
  25. What’s the difference between arguing with a precocious and stubborn 4 year old and a liberal? You can reason with a 4 year old.
  26. In my first “Intemperate Thoughts” post, I pondered the carbon footprint of all the fireworks displays. This year, Greenies tried to stop several displays nation-wide due to carbon emissions fears. You’re welcome, Greenies.

That’s all for now. I should do this more often. It’s cathartic.