My money, my choice

H/T Ben Domenech.

President Obama made a speech in Quincy, Illinois this week. About 200 Tea Partiers showed up to protest the President’s policies, and when the Secret Service asked, the local constabulary ordered in the riot police:

There were a few tense moments when the crowd moved west down York toward Third Street after the president’s motorcade arrived. A Secret Service agent asked the crowd to move back across the street to the north side.

When the crowd didn’t move and began singing “God Bless, America” and the national anthem, Quincy Deputy Police Chief Ron Dreyer called for members of the Mobile Field Force to walk up the street.

The officers, mainly from Metro East departments near St. Louis and dressed in full body armor, marched from the east and stood on the south side of York facing the protesters.

Bad enough that armored police officers were called on peaceful protesters, but worse yet were the words of the President. Video below:

“I do think, at a certain point, you’ve made enough money.” – Barack Obama

Yes, at some point, we’ve made enough money. But in America, that is supposed to be our own decision, not a decision made by politicians or bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. Each person has a different dream for themselves and their families. Some want to earn enough to retire early. Some just want enough to have a house in the suburbs or a condo in the city. Still others want that thousand-acre ranch in Wyoming with a herd of buffalo and a yacht parked in Miami Beach. Who is Barack Obama to say that any of those dreams is unreasonable?

Ignoring the fact that this financial “reform” bill does little to actually “reform” anything and absolutely nothing to help consumers, this statement by President Obama exemplifies his viewpoint. For those who said that he’s not a fascist or socialist or communist or whatever, this statement should clear up your misconceptions immediately.

The American Dream isn’t supposed to be a suburban life with a three bedroom house with a two car garage a dog and 2.3 kids. The American Dream is each person deciding for themselves what their dream is, and trying like Hell to make it happen. Some people are happy with the suburbs. Others want something different.

Different costs money. Money the President doesn’t think mere serfs like you and I should be allowed to have. Want to work hard, get an education, become and investment banker? We’ll claw-back your bonus. Want to invent a better mouse trap and grow your business? We’ll tax as much money out of you as we can get. Want to spend the money and time and effort to become a doctor? We’ll make you a government employee.

This is the thinking of the Left: You shouldn’t be allowed to enjoy the fruits of your labors. You should be happy with what’s left over once they get what they want out of you.

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