Anarchists Organizing?

It seems the anarchists are organizing.

Wait, what?

Yes, it seems that the people who supposedly want a “state or society without government or law” are very upset at the racist, homophobic, libertarian, anti-Semite, Alex Jones conspiracy theorist, Ron Paul supporting, fascist, conservative, gun freak, militia men, constitutionalist Tea Partiers.  Why?  Because these anarchists don’t want to lose their government entitlements.


Let’s ignore the contradictions and lies about the Tea Parties (racist, homophobic and Alex Jones followers?  Please!).  Let us also ignore the fact that fascism (the economic construct of privately owned property directed by an omni-present socialism-enforcing government) is what the Tea Parties are fighting.

Let’s instead focus on the most obvious contradiction:  That anarchists don’t want to lose their government-paid social programs.

Anarchy is defined above.  It is a state where there is no government, no social order, no political structure.  Anarchists are people who want to overthrow the existing social and political order without any plan or consideration for a new socio-political order, and indeed would not want any new social or political order to develop.

A real “anarchist” would not have any desire for government programs, because their real desire is to destroy all structures of authority and live without them.

A careful review of the website’s articles displays their true colors:  The are “progressive”, “liberal” and “anti”.  It’s not about anarchy, it’s about co-opting the most basic ideals of anarchy (tearing down the existing structures), but at that point they depart true anarchy and become statists:  They want to impose their own social order after the existing one is destroyed.

In what world would a true “anarchist” demand a “living wage” for “artists”, for example?  That isn’t anarchy; rather that is an socio-political and economic structure called socialism.  In what world does an anarchist care about treaties with Native Americans?  After all, the whole point of anarchy is that there is no political structure to make treaties in the first place.  The cognitive disconnect of these people is astounding.

Like so many on the Left, these people ignore the real meaning of words (anti-Semite, fascist, anarchy) and apply their own meanings to meet their own scurrilous needs.

Cross-posted at Seeking Liberty.