The Declaration of Grievances and Resolves

While I had been thinking about something like this for several weeks, the document that follows was very much inspired by Nessa’s diary of a few days ago.  I’m not declaring it to be the official RedState Resolves (I’m fairly certain that Erick Erickson and the rest of the Mods would have something to say about that!).  This is intended as my statement of Grievances and Resolves, one that I am hopeful conservatives, libertarians and even moderates can identify with.  It is, I hope, something that we can build upon as we instruct our elected and appointed representatives on why we as Americans are so upset with them, with the bureaucracy and the out-of-control spending.

It was once held to be self evident that every person was endowed with inalienable Rights, ones not granted by Government but which existed as a natural part of our Being.  These rights include life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, property, and to live one’s life as one sees fit without interference from others.  We understood these Rights to be inviolable unless they Infringed upon the Rights of another.

Today, our Nation has forgotten these principles.  The Congress and President have evacuated their responsibilities to protect the People from the State, chosen Power over principle and degraded the Sovereignty of the Citizen.  We therefore recognize the following grievances with the Federal Government of the United States:

It has made compliance with the Law virtually impossible by enacting legislation and regulations too extensive and confusing to comprehend.

It has enacted Policies and Programs that discourage productive behavior and damage the economic stature of the Nation.

It has Stolen from the productive actors in our Economy and given this Treasure to those who are capable but refuse to produce.

It has failed to Safeguard and Protect our borders from Invasion by citizens of other nations who are hostile to our way of life.

It has attempted to Give equality and Supremacy to foreign law; to make subject American Citizens to international Standards of behavior, even when those Standards violate the Constitution of the United States.

It has Ignored the Limitations of its power by regulating the activities of People and Commerce that take place entirely within one State.
It has Treated unequally the Citizens of the United States by creating a system of racial quotas.

It has Treated unequally the citizens of the United States by its methods of progressive taxation, and has by this action unnaturally Caste the nation’s economic and political classes.

It has Stolen from our Posterity by borrowing such sums of money that these sums must be paid by our children and our children’s children.

It has Violated the right of free association by using its tax code to engineer and encourage certain behaviors, activities and life decisions.

It has from time to time Ignored the rights of citizens to keep and bear arms in defense of their persons, homes, families and communities.

It has Violated the rights of States to decide freely how to spend the reserves of their Treasuries by legislating unfunded mandates for social, economic and other programs.

It has Acted irresponsibly in the seizure and expenditure of funds by its ill-conceived and failed attempts to Engineer economic Prosperity.

It has Usurped the Rights and Responsibilities of the States, local communities and Citizens by controlling the requirements of education, and it has Failed miserably in this attempt.

It has Failed to act in an impartial manner and Chosen which economic participants shall succeed and fail by providing Support to industries and individuals it prefers at the Expense of those whom it does not.

It has Vilified politically unpopular industries and individuals and enacted Ex Post Facto legislation and Bills of Attainder to punish them.

It has Employed the Census required by our Constitution to ensure the continuation and perpetuation of the Power enjoyed by its elected representatives.

It has Refused to seat the proper and rightful Representatives in the Houses of the Legislature while continuing to debate and consider the Legislation before Them.

It has Promised Entitlements that it cannot afford in an effort to ensure the perpetuation of the Power of the political class.

It has Erected a multitude of New Offices and given them Unconstitutional Authority to control and harass the People in their business and daily lives, and control their sustenance.

It has Wasted the time, money and resources of the Nation and its Citizens by investigating and regulating activities for which it has no granted Authority.

With these grievances declared, we Resolve that the individual is a Citizen and not a Subject of the Federal Government; that the responsibilities and privileges of the Federal Government must be limited to actions that benefit all but do not infringe on the liberties of the individual.

We Resolve that the various States are Sovereign, as guaranteed by the Tenth Amendment, and that the Federal Government has no more power than that specifically Granted to it by the Constitution.

We Resolve that the Rights of the People as expressed in the Constitution are superior to the whims and foibles of popular fashion.

We Resolve that governments act only by the Consent of the Governed.

We Resolve to Elect leaders who will act to limit the Power of the Federal Government, and to create and act within our Political Associations and Parties the necessary framework by which these leaders may be offered for election by the People.

We therefore solemnly publish and declare these Grievances and Resolves to the Nation, the World and our Posterity as evidence that we do not Assent to the actions of the Federal Government that have restricted our Rights and Liberties.

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