Intemperate Thoughts II

Several months have passed since my first set of Intemperate Thoughts. These are random thoughts that are short bits of reason. They are generally cynical, sometimes funny, often politically incorrect but (I hope) frequently insightful looks into the nature of politics, government, and everyday life.


  1. So, we have to spend money on Welfare for people who can’t find jobs, but we have to have illegal aliens to fill the jobs that Americans “don’t want.” One wonders which jobs Americans wouldn’t want if Welfare wasn’t available…
  2. Does Nancy Pelosi need to apply for Carbon Credits when she travels by Air Force jet?
  3. Curling is gaining fans in the United States. I imagine people in this country once looked at fans of another Scottish-invented skill sport in much the same way as people who now make fun of us curling afficianados. cough! cough! golf cough! cough!
  4. If there is one thing Europe has taught us these last 50 years, it’s that “Universal Health Care” is universally mediocre, except for the wealthy and powerful who get access to the “good” doctors.
  5. I want to ask all those socialism-loving American college students out there: In what universe does an iPod count as a “need?”
  6. The Federal and State governments have been irresponsible and now want to balance their budgets by raising taxes. One wonders how the Government would respond to irresponsible families balancing their household budgets by taking money from other people at the point of a gun…
  7. Why is it that “RAAAAACISM!” is only ever accused of white men?
  8. Any time a politician these days says “tax credit,” what they’re really saying is “Welfare.”
  9. The international community has spent many billions of dollars on aid for Palestine. If Yasser Arafat’s widow lives in a villa in Switzerland, how is it Israel’s fault that the Palestinians are so poor?
  10. Why do so many people think that freedom means “The Government takes care of me”?
  11. You do not look cool listening to music on your cell phone. Stop. Just stop.
  12. Can you really be thought of as “eloquent” if everything you say comes off a teleprompter?
  13. In other Olympics news, French is still an irrelevant and dying language.
  14. Gun control proponents want everyone to give up their guns. If we don’t give them up, they want the police to come and take them from us―at the point of a gun.
  15. “Sex Addiction” is in the news. What we now call an addiction we used to call “stupidity.”
  16. In still more Olympics news, NBC continues to put up with those pesky breaks in their advertising runs during which the viewers demand they actually show some sports.
  17. I thought a Kardashian was a mean, ugly alien on Star Trek. Turns out they’re just mean, ugly aliens on E! Network.
  18. Yes, I know it’s spelled differently. Shut up. And no they are not hot.
  19. It should be, “Press 1 for any language other than English. Otherwise, just stay on the line.” Pressing 1 should then immediately disconnect any call to a government office.
  20. Any time a politician these days says “balanced budget,” what they really want to say is “tax increase.”
  21. Push-to-talk cell phones are for construction sites, not Sunday brunch. We don’t want to hear about how smokin’ hot dat bittie was at yah crib last night, Brah, while we’re eating our bacon pancakes and fresh fruit. Those phones are so 2003, anyway…
  22. If you thought the above was bigoted, you haven’t been paying attention to how young people of all ethnicities talk these days. It’s sad.
  23. We hire people with education degrees to teach things like math, science, business, history and economics. Never mind that the majority these “teachers” don’t know a thing about these subjects. What is important is the kids’ self-esteem. Natch.
  24. Any time a politician these days says “job creation,” what they’re really saying is “my pet pork projects.”
  25. There is nothing wrong with our health care system. The problem we have is in our medical insurance system. The problem with our medical insurance system is the government gets in the way of the free market.
  26. When a politician these days says “reform,” what they really mean is “control.”
  27. How did “liberal,” a term that once meant, “to remove the bonds of tyranny and eliminate the interference of the State,” ever come to mean, “Gub’mint give me mo’ free stuff!!!1!1!11!”
  28. One wonders if curling would be more popular in the United States if they wore those form-fitting suits the speed skaters wear…
  29. There was no way I was going to end this Intemperate Thoughts with out reminding PETA how much I love to have a nice, thick, juicy, medium-rare steak covered in a bacon crumble bourbon glaze.

Hope you enjoyed this edition of “Intemperate Thoughts.” If you have any of your own, add them below!

Cross-posted at Seeking Liberty.