Unemployment is up? This calls for immediate stalling!

As unemployment reaches 10.2 percent and another 502,000 jobless claims are filed, President Obama promises swift action:

The announcement came as the Labor Department reported another 502,000 new jobless claims, two high-tech mainstays announced big layoffs and the unemployment rate reached 10.2 percent.

Obama said the White House forum will gather CEOs, small business owners, economists, financial experts and representatives from labor unions and nonprofit groups “to talk about how we can work together to create jobs and get this economy moving again.”

I don’t know why this Administration keeps reminding me of Monty Python. Maybe because it’s so apropos.

(Sorry, I couldn’t find video)

From “Monty Python’s Life of Brian,” Scene 23

REG: You’re right. We could sit around here all day talking, passing resolutions, making clever speeches. It’s not going to shift one Roman soldier!

FRANCIS: So, let’s just stop gabbing on about it. It’s completely pointless and it’s getting us nowhere!


LORETTA: I agree. This is a complete waste of time.


JUDITH: They’ve arrested Brian!

REG: What?


JUDITH: They’ve dragged him off! They’re going to crucify him!

REG: Right! This calls for immediate discussion!

COMMANDO #1: Yeah.

JUDITH: What?!

COMMANDO #2: Immediate.

COMMANDO #1: Right.

LORETTA: New motion?

REG: Completely new motion, eh, that, ah– that there be, ah, immediate action–

FRANCIS: Ah, once the vote has been taken.

REG: Well, obviously once the vote’s been taken. You can’t act another resolution till you’ve voted on it…

JUDITH: Reg, for God’s sake, let’s go now!

REG: Yeah. Yeah.

JUDITH: Please!

REG: Right. Right.


REG: In the– in the light of fresh information from, ahh, sibling Judith–

LORETTA: Ah, not so fast, Reg.

JUDITH: Reg, for God’s sake, it’s perfectly simple. All you’ve got to do is to go out of that door now, and try to stop the Romans’ nailing him up! It’s happening, Reg! Something’s actually happening, Reg! Can’t you understand?! Ohhh!

Here’s an idea, Mr. President: If you want to spur economic growth and create jobs, cut the financial and regulatory burdens that the Federal Government keeps placing on small businesses.

We spend literally billions of dollars every year just to comply with the tax code. We spend billions more on unnecessary provisions in well-intentioned but poorly implemented laws like Sarbannes-Oxley and the myriad regulations from the acronym-salad of Federal agencies like BLS and EPA. Try reducing some of these regualtory and tax-compliance costs, and maybe we’ll see business owners start to add jobs.

How about not threatening more legislation that will increase taxes for thousands of businesses and millions of Americans, such as the Cap and Tax scheme and the Health Care bill?

That won’t happen, of course. It’s not about creating jobs or improving the economy. It’s about consigning more power to the government. More government intrusion into every person’s life. So we’ll waste time with another summit, probably another bailout government power grab, and continue deeper and deeper into recession.

Originally posted at The Minority Report.