Intemperate Thoughts

As I celebrated Independence Day this weekend, an number of intemperate and politically incorrect thoughts came to mind.  I’d like to share a few, and see what you think:

  1. I wonder what is the carbon footprint of all these fireworks? (one answer I’ve gotten: “You’ll find out when you get your bill, citizen.”)
  2. The guys on “Whale Wars” are concerned that the whalers “have stepped up their violence.”  Stepped up their violence? Were I the captain of one of those whale fleet boats, I’d have rammed you pirates by now!
  3. Are those the sounds of battle? No, just a bunch of Americans disobeying moronic local ordinances and state laws.
  4. Ah, grilled beef and brats.  Is there any better way to upset PETA?
  5. In his first game back after being suspended for cheating, they split-screened every Ramirez at-bat.  If I wanted to watch the Dodgers, I have turned that game on.  Why was he allowed back?
  6. The best thing about the GOP is that it holds its members accountable for their behavior (i.e. Sanford, Crist).  The worst part is, the GOP doesn’t know when to stop flogging a dead horse.
  7. Vegans referencing PETA is something akin to Neo-Nazis referencing the Klan.
  8. We should be very afraid of North Korea’s response if we shoot down one of their missiles.  It’s not like we have enough nuclear warheads to vaporize the whole country or anything.
  9. If an American company is reorganizing in Canada, doesn’t that say something about our Corporate tax structure?
  10. If an American company is reorganizing in Canada, how long before Congress figures out a way around that “bill of attainder” clause and punishes them?  I bet it can be done with an egg timer.
  11. When liberals attacked Wal-Mart for its employment practices and “excessive profits,” I stood with Wal-Mart.  Now that they’re teaming up with Obama on healthcare, I feel no need to go to their store.
  12. My bet: Palin needs about $ 1/2 million to pay her legal fees.  Within weeks of her resignation, she’ll announce a book deal and join the speaker’s circuit.
  13. “Yes we can” is cute when a three year old is chanting along with Bob the Builder, but is terrifying when stadiums-full of sycophants are chanting along with a socialist presidential candidate.
  14. Buick is advertising itself as sexy, which would be amusing if it weren’t so very disturbing.
  15. Joe Biden thinks it’s corny to be proud to be an American.  I think it’s corny to be proud to be associated with Joe Biden.
  16. Colin Powell is disturbed by Obama’s rapid spending and expansion of government. Uh… Were you listening to anything he said, Mr. Secretary?
  17. Why is it we only honor the military and liberty on holidays, and the rest of the year forget about both?
  18. Country music star Blake Shelton has started using “PETA” in place of “stupid.”  I don’t have a problem with this.
  19. A majority of people who celebrated Independence Day don’t know who wrote it, don’t know when it was written, could not explain its meaning if asked and have never read it.  We allow these people to vote.  These are the same people who think we fought the Revolutionary War against Japan to free ourselves from Russia.
  20. People want us to stop calling Obama a socialist.  He wants government control of private resources, direct government competition in healthcare, a strong central bank to regulate the economy and work programs for the unemployed.  Okay, their right, he’s not a socialist.  He’s a fascist.

Oh, I have plenty more, but that should be more than enought to get a discussion going.