Welcome to Petoria

As I watch and read about President Barack Obama’s stance on issues such as Iran and Honduras, I’m reminded of an early Family Guy episode, “E. Peterbus Unum.”  In this episode, the main character, Peter, finds out that his property is actually not part of the United States, so he establishes the semi-acre plot as the nation of Petoria.

At a meeting of the UN, he is advised by one ambassador that the reason Petoria has a seat in the back and the ambassadors shun him is that other nations don’t respect Petoria.  This nameless character explains to Peter that after his country invaded Kuwait, it was given a seat in the third row.  So Peter does what any critically-thinking world leader would do: He annexes his neighbor’s pool.

As his neighbor’s property is still part of the United States, Peter has now gained world attention and a blockade by America, however he earns the respect of a few of his peers:

Lois: It’s time to call this whole thing off. Nobody’s on our side.
Peter: Are you nuts? Look at all these telegrams. “Nice going, Libya.” “You da man, North Korea.” “Great job, Iraq.” Iraq, Lois! You know what? I’m gonna invite a few of these fellas over for a party.

Even now, as free nations the world over denounce the actions of the Iranian government following the election “irregularities” (otherwise known as “fraud”) and praise the correct and constitutional actions of the government in Honduras, President Obama is siding with Cuba, Venezuela, Iran and ousted Honduran ex-President Manuel Zelaya.  He is meek toward North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il.

It’s as though the President had taken his foreign policy playbook straight out of the Family Guy episode: Gain the respect of dictators, they’re the ones who matter!  President Obama had even invited Iranian leaders and ambassadors to American embassies for Independence Day celebrations as one might invite the neighbors to a back yard barbecue.

Life imitating art.  It’s so farcical that it would be funny if it weren’t just so tragic.