Go Figure: Obama's Support of Tyrrany

Over a week went by before President Obama spoke about the controversy regarding the elections in Iran.  Even then, his statements were weak and uninspiring.  When Kim Jong-Il threatened to toss a missile at Hawai’i, Obama’s words were similarly late and weak.

Now, when the Honduran president, Manuela Zeyala, attempts to hold an unconstitutional referrendum, President Obama is quick to call his ouster illegal and saying it would set a “terrible precedent.”

“We believe that the coup was not legal and that President Zelaya remains the president of Honduras, the democratically elected president there,” Obama told reporters in the Oval Office, after meeting with Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

There’s only one problem:  It wasn’t a a military coup-de-etat.  The arrest was part of a court-order to stop the illegal referrendum.  The military isn’t in charge.  The Congress is still seated.  A successor has been selected in full compliance with the nation’s Constitution.  The elections later this year will still take place.

Zelaya was deposed by the army after he attempted to call for a referendum seeking permission to convoke a constitutional convention in order to make changes allowing him to remain in power. Similar changes were made in nearby Venezuela by leftist President Hugo Chavez last year.

Zelaya’s effort ran counter to the wishes of the Honduran congress, as well as the nation’s highest court, which said his changes were illegal. They noted the constitution forbids changes to presidential terms of office.

A little more about that referrendum:  It was illegal.  The Congress in Honduras has to call such a referrendum.  It decided it would not conduct such a vote.  So President Zelaya gets his friend, Hugo Chavez (who held a similar referrendum in Venezuela), to print ballots for him and gets his supporters to start holding an illegal election, even though the Supreme Court has ruled the ballots illegal.  The Court issues an order to have all persons involved with the illegal vote arrested.  This, of course, includes Zelaya, and the military places him under arrest.

Such an action would be illegal in the United States, where the Congress would have to impeach, try and convict the President before an ouster.  In Honduras however, this is how their Constitution works.  It’s not the same as the U.S. Constitution.

So why is Obama so ready to support Zelaya?  It’s quite simple:  Obama doesn’t believe that people can govern themselves.  He believes people must be governed by others, by elites who are better able to make decisions.  This is why he does not strongly denounce the election irregularities in Iran, does not oppose the dictatorship of North Korea and wishes to normalize relations with Cuba and Venezuela.

This belief system is what makes him think that government, and not the private sector can better provide healthcare and stimulate the economy.  He doesn’t trust the individual.  Instead, he relies upon the group, led and cajoled by the elites.

It’s the rule of the few by the excuse of the group.  It’s a repeat of Imperial Rome and China, of Feudal Europe and Japan, of the Soviet Union and Iran.

We have seen another system where the group, led by elites, ruled over individuals.  Between 1917 and 1991, the Soviet Union was a system of ellite politicians who used direct coercion and group think to control the resources, the means of production and yes, the masses.  This is the model of Iran, Cuba, Myanmar, North Korea and dozens of dictatorships around the world.  It is the model rapidly gaining acceptance (whether by choice or force) in Venezuela and it is what Zelaya and Obama are both attempting to enact in their respective countries.

It is the method of Communism to have elites rule based not on the rule of law, but on the rule of the political expedience.  This is what Zelaya attempted in Honduras.

Obama admited in his books that he was enthralled by communist teachings as a boy and later in college.  Now he supports Zelaya.  Go figure.