Why Stop Now? Keep the Tea Parties Alive!

With the massive success of the Tea Parties (and the predictable backlash from the liberal media), why stop now?

At present, the “Tax Day Tea Party Numbers” thread (combined with my totals in the 247-250th comments this AM) has 222 sites with more than 410,000 participants.  On a Wednesday.  On a day when many people have to work.

Could this be even bigger, even harder to ignore, on a holiday?

Let us not rest on our heels.  This movement must continue, or it will be ignored as a “one time” event by the Main Stream Media and liberal bloggers out there.

I propose that organizers begin preparations for Tea Parties across the country for another important day:  Memorial Day Monday.  It is just six weeks away.  Many more people are off from work or have shorter hours and can attend.  Instead of hundreds of thousands or a million, the numbers could swell to millions.  And Memorial Day symbolizes our service men and women standing up against tyranny.

And why stop there?  In order to stop something, there must be more than just a protest.  Outrage must become a movement.  Independence Day would be another perfect day.  I could see “Declarations of Independence” from government largesse, over taxation, and more signed throughout the nation.

We want our taxes lowered.  We want control over our personal lives back.  We want a Federal Government that deals only with Federal issues.  We want personal responisiblity and the right to live up to our own expectations.  We cannot stop now.  One protest does not a movement make, nor a government listen.

As our revolutionary allies would say, “Vive la liberté.

Yes.  Long live freedom.