The Mind of an Obama Supporter

Can this really be serious?  Was this guy serious when he posted this?

An exchange on Facebook, commenting on a status message:

“to[sic] many bills and not enough money to go around.”

The replies came as follows, from two individuals I’ll call “M” and “P”:

M: Um, yeah… Amen…

P: Welcome to the club. This is the fruit of Dubya’s America. At least we can rest safely knowing that insurance brokers will be taken care of with OUR money. No soapbox. Just stating the truth. 🙂

M: <<Gets on own soapbox>> This is the political elite’s America. That includes Dubya, PresBo, and everybody else who lives outside the Beltway but works inside the Federal District.
<<Gets off soapbox>>

P: I think that would be virtually everyone that works in D.C. short of those that work at McDonald’s and…well, just McDonald’s (and McDonald’s analogues, of course). Being rich and elite isn’t a crime, however, being an effing moron and stealing TWO presidential elections should be. Change is coming. Change is HERE.

Thank god the Intellect is king again and not Oil or…Obama-forbid, God. Conservatives be afraid. Be VERY afraid.

I’m sorry, but did “P” just associate Obama with deity status?  Not only a deity, but one superior to the Judeo-Christian God?  What, Obama has healed the sick, the lame and the blind and no one sent me a newspaper clipping?

This guy thinks that PresBo has changed politics as we know it, but the reality is he’s neither old nor educated enough to know that Obama is practicing the same machine-style Chicago politics that have been going on for well over 100 years.  He’s right that being elite doesn’t make one evil (I’d say Ronny Reagan sure wasn’t evil), but clearly this guy thinks that Obama is something different, something new, and that’s just not the case.

Democrats have been preaching “Change” for 40 years (remember the “Vote for Change” concert tour back in 2004 with The BossLackey and The Dixie ChicksDipsy Twits?).  Meanwhile the only change we’ve seen is the shrinking share the private sector has in our economy.  Considering the original post was about not having enough money, its seems remarkably stupid to support a man whose policies will grow the size of government more than any President in history.