I Want Failure

Almost everyone else seems to be afraid to say it, because the media and everyone else will excoriate them for it.  Everyone should want to “work together” and be “bipartisan.”

Horse hockey.

So I’ll say it:  “I want President Obama to fail.”

Does this mean I want total economic failure, massive unemployment, deflation, layoffs and starvation? Quite the opposite.

I want Mr. Obama to fail politically.

I want Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats to stand in the way of his massive spending.  I want the American People to wake up to the unprecedented deficits we will be facing.  I want him to fail at enacting massive tax increases.  I want him to fail at enacting socialism in this country.

The press writers and pundits tell us that wishing Mr. Obama will fail is tantamount to wishing the United States will fail.

That’s not even remotely true, and they know it.  It’s intellectually dishonest of them to say it, but they continue every day telling us that hoping Obama fails is un-American.  They tell us that by saying, “I want Obama to fail,” we are wishing for economic ruin.

That simply isn’t the case.

I want the President to fail because I believe his success will lead us to ruin.  We are rapidly heading down a path of self-mutilation, one which encourages personal and national destruction:

He and the Democrats in Congress wish to punish the very people whom we need to create jobs by increasing their taxes, thus encouraging them to reduce their employee rolls.

He is encouraging the very people whom we want to change their bad behavior, increasing subsidies and protection to failed businesses and giving assistance to people and businesses that made poor financial choices.

He and the Congress are choosing political winners and losers and risking our energy security by levying more taxes on existing energy companies, pushing for subsidies to “alternative” energy companies that may or may not be economically viable, and pushing for carbon cap-and-trade programs (even though the science of Athroprogenic Global Warming is anything but conclusive).

So when I say, “I want President Obama to fail, miserably and totally,” I am saying that I want the march of socialism to end.  I don’t want the government making decisions for me in my every day life or choosing economic winners a losers.  I don’t want a bailout for my debts.  I don’t want special incentives for politically acceptable products that don’t work or aren’t as effective.

Whether President Obama succeeds or fails politically, it will be a failure.  Either the President will fail to enact economic fascism-bordering-on-socialism, or his plans will be enacted causing even greater failure in our economy and reducing individual freedom.

So I’ll say it again:  I want President Obama to fail, not because I want America to fail, but because I believe his success will be a failure for America.