Form Letters

I love form letters.

If you couldn’t tell from the italicized wording, I’m being terribly sarcastic.  There is nothing I hate more than getting a form response from someone, especially when the issue is important.

I realize my Congressman and Senators are busy people and probably don’t have time to read much of anything that comes in.  What a form letter shows, however, is just how little attention is paid to what is being said.

I recently wrote letters to Congressman John Linder and Senators Johnny Isakson and Saxby Chambliss asking them to not vote for the Wealth Redistribution Act of 2009.  Each replied with a form letter expressing “concern” over the bill and stating that they were strongly considering how they should vote on this very important issue.


The worst was from Isakson, which included the following paragraph:

Recently President Obama has been meeting with Majority Leader Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding his ideas for a second economic stimulus. At this time I am unsure as to whether I will or will not support this legislation due to the fact that there is no bill text to evaluate at this point, only constantly changing news reports.  My staff and I, however, are glad to hear your thoughts on suggested projects that you believe should be included in this proposed plan.  Rest assured I will strongly advocate on the behalf of Georgia projects for maximum investment.

Excuse me?  You’re going to do what?  Make sure that Georgia gets more graft and pork barrel spending?  Make sure that a “fair” percentage of the money that is stolen from my paycheck every week gets spent on my state instead of being spent somewhere else?  Make sure that in the future, my taxes will be higher so that we can cover the massive debt that this bill will foist upon us?

I’m sorry, Senator.  I said that I don’t want this bill.  I don’t want any stimulus!  If you want stimulus, let me keep some more of my bleeding paycheck!  I’m not talking about tax credits, either.  I don’t get any now (not even EITC), so I have no confidence that I’d qualify for any new ones.

No, no tax credits.  No stimulus bill.  Just let me keep my money to spend or invest it as I choose!

That, or come the 2010 primary season, I’ll be looking for a new senator.