Economics, Israel and Blago. Aren't We Forgetting...?

As we have become so focused lately on the economy, the conflict in Israel and the ongoing Blagojevich scandal, we have lost sight of some other important issues facing the nation, and I wonder if that is not without design.

Here are some talking points we need to keep in mind, lest the liberals in Congress and the White House distract us long enough to enact their radical agenda:

1) Obama campaigned on government-provided health care.  Oh, sure, he gave lip-service to private insurance, but the reality is he wants to create a European-style social medicine program that will cost far more than anyone expects and reduce the quality of care in this country.

2) Obama claimed to support the Second Amendment, but in reality he has endorsed a ban on hand-gun ownership, re-enacting the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, voted to allow prosecuting people who use a firearm in self-defense, opposes right-to-carry, supports a one-month waiting period, and supported a gun ban within 5 miles of any school or park (which would eliminate just about every square inch of this country).

3) Obama opposes school choice for the average American citizen, despite failing schools.  This, while he chooses (rightly, mind you) to send his own daughters to private schools.  In fact, rather than fix the most significant problem with the No Child Left Behind Act–taking away local control and placing most control at the Federal level–Obama wants to increase Federal funding (and therefore control) of local school districts.

4) Obama is still talking about alternative energy–whether the plan is viable or not, it seems.  Indeed, Obama contradicted himself on several occasions, from expressing his support for “clean coal” on his campaign website but saying he would bankrupt coal power plants in his speeches; from enacting a “windfall profits tax” on energy companies to advocating government subsidies for “alternative energy.”  Even now, Obama is using the economic situation to push his “3 million alternative energy jobs” proposal–a proposal that currently has no form other than as words in Obama’s speeches.

5) Obama and the Dems seem keen to insert Federal security forces into more areas of our transportation infrastructure.  Even though the Transportation Security Administration has prooved itself no more capable of stopping the occasional gun, knife or other weapon than private industry (but extremely capable of finding every set of nail clippers in every airport in the nation), Obama wants to extend Federal security programs to public transit, ports and various other transportation sectors.  Does anyone doubt it will be too long before we have a National Playground Security Administration, a Federal College and Children’s Education Safety Agency, or a Federal Fast Food Establishment Protection Service?

6) Obama claims he want to ensure the future of Social Security and other Federal retirement programs.  Despite the fact that every one of these programs is an utter failure that costs far more than was ever anticipated and have unfunded committments amounting to over one hundred trillion dollars, Obama wants more programs, and more of our money to fund them.

7) Obama gave lip-service to border security, but his support of the border fence evaporated.  He supported a guest worker program and a path to legalizing illegal aliens (read: “Amnesty”).  Amazingly, Obama and Clinton both claimed that President Bush, who was lukewarm about the border fence and instead favored “comprehensive reform,” was too aggressive in pushing to have the fence built.

8 ) Obama has proposed several ideas that essentially ensure every American will become, at some point in their life, an agent of the Federal Government.  From creating a civlian national security force with equal funding to our military to forcing every American middle school and high school student to engage in 50 hours of community service every year.  Indeed, Obama seems to like the idea of free labor, willing or not, very much.  There’s a word for forced labor with no pay.  It’s “slavery.”

We have become so focused on the immediate “crisis,” whether it be Blago or Israel or the economy, that we are forgetting to fight the other fights that need fighting.  Obama and the Democrats have the power to push through almost any legislation they want.  We must stand vigilant to make sure that they cannot use the immediacy of the “now” as misdirection away from the evils of the future.