If we're going to compare Trump to Biblical kings...

I’m sure most of you who read Redstate have heard Trump compared to either Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus.  Christians who support Trump, in an effort to justify their support of an immoral man, point to God’s use of these two pagan kings as proof that their support of Trump is morally acceptable.  They were pagans who ended up doing the will of God, therefore why would Trump be any different?  Isn’t it possible that God is raising him up to be used in a way that points our nation back to Him?

(Using that logic, God could be doing the exact same thing with Hillary Clinton, but lets not get into that)

I’ll start my response by saying “Yes,” it is possible that God is raising up Trump to accomplish some end that He would have him do.  That has yet to be seen, though, and time will tell what God is planning.  While it is possible, I would like to point out that Trump’s character is more in line with another king of biblical times.  That king is Ahab.  Why do I believe this?  Let’s take a look at 1 Kings 21:

Some time later there was an incident involving a vineyard belonging to Naboth the Jezreelite. The vineyard was in Jezreel, close to the palace of Ahab king of Samaria. Ahab said to Naboth, “Let me have your vineyard to use for a vegetable garden, since it is close to my palace. In exchange I will give you a better vineyard or, if you prefer, I will pay you whatever it is worth.”

But Naboth replied, “The Lord forbid that I should give you the inheritance of my ancestors.”

So Ahab went home, sullen and angry because Naboth the Jezreelite had said, “I will not give you the inheritance of my ancestors.” He lay on his bed sulking and refused to eat.

(1 Kings 21 1-4)

Ahab wanted the land of someone else.  Does that sound familiar?  From TheGuardian’s article:

For more than 30 years Vera Coking lived in a three-story house just off the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. Donald Trump built his 22-story Trump Plaza next door. In the mid-1990s Trump wanted to build a limousine parking lot for the hotel, so he bought several nearby properties. But three owners, including the by then elderly and widowed Ms Coking, refused to sell.

Interesting.  Trump and Ahab were powerful men who wanted the land of others.  Both approached the land owners in an effort to negotiate the sale of the desired property, but were turned away.  We read that Ahab reacted like a child.  Ironically, Trump behavior over this election cycle mirrors Ahab’s (see here and here).  I can only imagine what Trump’s state of mind was when that widow decided not to sell her property to him.

So what did these two men do when they were told “No”?  They attempted to use the legal system to get what they wanted.  Ahab’s wife, Jezebel, arranged for Naboth to be seated by two dishonest witnesses who accused Naboth of cursing God and the king, for which he was put to death (1 Kings 21:7-16, i.e. Exod 22:28).  What did Trump do in his case?  Take a look:

Trump turned to a government agency – the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority (CRDA) – to take Coking’s property. CRDA offeredher $250,000 for the property – one-fourth of what another hotel builder had offered her a decade earlier. When she turned that down, the agency went into court to claim her property under eminent domain so that Trump could pave it and put up a parking lot.

Ultimately Trump and the CRDA were unsuccessful in acquiring Vera Coking’s property, but not before a legal battle ensued.  In fact, if you read further you’ll see that Trump is a big fan of government taking the land of private citizens.  What a champion of the people!

One other point I’d like to make in conclusion to those who would compare Trump to Nebuchadnezzar or Cyrus, the people of Israel were under their rule because they failed to fulfill the covenant they made with the Lord.  Israel and Judah supported and tolerated leaders who were immoral, wicked, and just plain evil.  This went on for generations until the Lord could take no more.  Nebuchadnezzar was a man raised up by God to punish the people for their disobedience.  Cyrus would’ve never had to show kindness to the remnant of Israel had the people not rebelled against God in the first place.  Once man caused the fall of a once great nation and the other showed pity on a group that was a shell of it’s former self.  I’d rather not see our great nation go through God’s judgment in that way.

We have a choice as to who our leader is.  We make this choice every four years.  Let’s stop selecting people who’s character resembles the kings of Israel who “did evil in the sight of the Lord.”