Invalid Beliefs

According to a “friend” of mine, my beliefs are not valid.  We have had a going back and forth because she is outraged, and rightly so, about a Pastor praying for Obama’s death.  I just asked where the outrage was when people were making effigies of Bush.   I shall post the correspondence below.  

My first comment below.  I realize that I should have just left well enough alone, but it bothers me that it’s okay to Bash Bush and not Obama.

It is disturbing and disgusting. The way people use religion to justify hatred.. there are no words. But where was the outrage when just about everyone called for Bush’s death? Where is the outrage over what Reverend Wright has preached? I don’t understand that. It’s okay to make effigies of Bush, but not of Obama. (not that I would and I think it’s digusting to do that about anyone) It’s okay to froth at the mouth and make wild accusations at Bush call him horrible names, and wish death upon him and Cheney. But when we say Obama is too Socialist or Marxist we’re the horrible people? That we’re the people with hatred in our hearts?
Her response back
Kelly, I’m not going to entertain your nonsense.  I definitely thought you were smarter than that. It’s not the same thing.  I don’t agree with some things that are being proposed by Obama, but I’m not calling for the man’s death.  Obama has been in office less than a year.  Bush continued to fail over a span of 8 years…of course people were pissed by the end of it.  Give me a break…you make my blood boil.  You are as bad as the pastor.  Your hate is subliminal…I’m sure you feel the same way, but what you feel only comes out amongst friends and family.  I just pray that extremist make up the minority of the country, but the scary thing is that FOX News ratings have been the highest they’ve ever been.  So, it is evident you’re not alone in your sentiment.
My response
Thank you for calling my opinions nonsense.  =)  I guess what they say is true opinions are like blank everyone has one and they smell.  I definitely thought you were smarter than that. Again thank you.   I in no way agree with calling for Obama’s death.  I don’t hate the man.  I don’t hate anyone!  For Pete’s sake I thought you knew me better.  I guess not.  It’s sad I don’t know anyone who would ever wish death upon someone.  It’s abhorrent to me. I do not like Obama’s policies.  I don’t agree with them.  That simple.  I thought I had that right.  I guess not.
People started hating bush way before he was reelected.  Google it.  I don’t have to give examples it still lives on.  But I guess it’s okay because some people don’t like the direction of Bush it’s okay to hate him.   I get it.  It’s okay to hate one person if  there is a reason you see.  It’s not okay  for me to dislike someone’s policies.  I get it. 
 We’re not extremist and to use that sort of language is laughable.  I never blindly followed Bush or agreed with everyone he did.  All I like to point  out is the double standard amongst the liberals in this country.  It’s okay to bash Bush, Sarah Palin, their families, republicans in general.  It is NOT okay to say I disagree with this person’s policies because of this.  No no that’s being hate mongering!     It is extremely hypocritical and I am sick of it.  It disturbs me that you can’t see that. 
While we do not agree on politics , I have never thought you were stupid.  I just realized we have different beliefs and experiences that cause us to view things in a different light.  It’s a beautiful thing.    I just wanted to point out that no one was outraged over the effigies of Bush and those who wished death upon him and his family.  Where it’s okay for Dave Letterman to talk about Sarah Palin’s 13 year old daughter.  But I guess it’s okay for one side and not for the other.  Thank you for that lesson. 
Her response
You’re right there is a double standard.  There has never in history where a president has been so scrutinized from his first day in office or so criticized for every policy he puts forth.  NEVER IN HISTORY.  The antics in reference to health care have been abominable.  I don’t understand the violence or hysteria around it.  What happened to civilized communication????  I can’t take it anymore.  You cannot at all compare this to the hatred of Bush.  This hatred comes from somewhere deeper.  He has been called a Socialist, Marxist….compared to Hitler…do you not call this extreme. You could not go to a Bush rally with semi-automatic weapons if you opposed his policies.  The crazies are coming out of the woodwork.  What I’ve seen since Inauguration Day has been unfathomable!  I am embarrassed to be an American.  I am not proud of my country.  Like I said.  I hope what I see on the news is the exception…is the minority because I have NEVER witnessed what I’ve seen from Americans in the last few months.  You are entitled to your opinion.  I’m sure we probably share some like ideas.  But, the hate that I’ve seen makes me sick.  There is a lack of respect for Obama.  He is our president.  I think the hate comes from a place and era I’m glad I wasn’t born into.  Obama is the first black president and a lot of what is happening is because of it.  I pray for him and his family everyday.  Because, at the rate things are going, someone crazy is going to make that pastor’s prayer a reality.  Wake up Kelly.  Get out of your security blanket and notice what’s going on around you.  Something bigger than health care and stimulus money is going on now.  I hope it doesn’t spiral out of control. 

For the record, it is easy to fix problems that are the size of small trenches, but he is dealing with issues the size of the Grand Canyon.  They will take a little longer than close to 300 days to fix. Your pal Bush 8 years to get us in this mess.  I’m sure it will take longer to get us out, especially with all the resistance.

I didn’t respond to this because she sent it right before I went to bed and then she sent this below this morning. 
I just woke up and realized I didn’t address this point…Kelly, I don’t think you’re stupid.  I just think you aren’t aware of how other people live. You’ve been very sheltered and taken care of for such a long time, that your comfort zone clouds your judgment about things, you may not 100% understand.  It’s not your fault and not a bad thing.  It’s just you.
So from what I gather.  I have no real world experience, though I am 28.  I guess sheltered from the cruel world because I have traditional values, live in the same town I’ve always lived in, my parents are still together, I’m white, and I’m middle class. 
Do you have any friends like this?  

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