Fed Up

I am fed up. 
I am fed up with people’s opinions.  That old saying that an opinion is like a (censored) every one has one and everyone’s stinks is more true than I can ever say.  It seems that everyone wants to express their opinion and their opinion is the right way.  It is a  cacophony that is driving me nuts.  We should take the GOP in this direction.  No, this direction.  We should do this.  We should do that. He’s to blame.  She’s to blame.  They’re to blame.  Around and around in a circle never accomplishing anything.  It has got to stop.
I am fed up with no one taking any initiative.  Do not say then do something about it.  Not all of us are made to be politicians.  I went to a tea party.  I’m involved in my local Republican Club.  I try to shine the light of truth onto liberal friends.  We, as conservatives, need to never stop.   We need to get our message out there.  Get the truth out.  We need to stop the in house squabbling.  I swear adults are worse than children. 
I am fed up with the words transparency, community, hope, and change, I’m sorry, I apologize, etc.  They are words that people get too caught up in.  I like action words.  I like words that MEAN something.  Obama changed the liberal party with words and a good sense of timing.  How do we invigorate the GOP?  What is our message and how do we show that ours is a message built upon a solid concrete foundation?   How do we show that Obama’s is built upon sand?  A suggestion.  Something easy and succinct. 
I am fed up with the MSM.  Well, truth be told I have never liked them.  It’s just gotten worse.  How do we battle the MSM?  How do we get the facts out there?  People, unfortunately, are sheep.  They will believe whatever the news says. 
I am fed up with pop culture.  I’ve never been one to like popular music, TV, or books.  That said I really freaking love LOST and Harry Potter.  With that confession off my chest, pop culture is overrun by liberals.  Liberal ideology.   You watch TV shows or movies and the message is that the conservative ideology is BAD AND EVIL.  How do we counter that? 
I am fed up with “friends” making me feel like I am stupid and evil for supporting Bush and being a Republican.  I’ve gotten so irritated by them that I do not want to go to my ten year reunion. 
I am fed up.  Are you?