Hope, Change, and Fair

This is just an opinion blog.  I leave the hard hitting things to the masters. 
Long before Obama came on the scene, I have hated those words.  Those sentiments.  They are very often misused or used entirely too much. 
Hope-  Sounds lovely doesn’t it?  Makes you feel all those touchy feely emotions?  Bah humbug!  Hope is a cruel mistress.  You put time, energy, emotion, etc into its greedy grasp and never do you receive a tenth of it back.  People are often inspired by the word.  That’s it just inspired.  They become useless lazy blobs who hope instead of work.  Who hope instead of think.  A great way to get mindless drones. 
Change-  I do like change.   If you’re overweight and you change your eating habits, it’s a great idea!  If you change your clothes every day… thank you!  Another great idea for change.  But people use it as a way to get out of work.  Relationship not going smoothly?  Change!  Something not going the way you want it?  No discussion?  No waiting?  No, it’s change! 
Fair-  What a lovely word.  In the hands of certain people it becomes a cruel game.  Who determines what is fair?   Fair does not mean 50/50.  If you think that we have a problem.  What’s fair for me is not fair for you.  Why do things need to be fair anyway?  People use it as an excuse.  It’s not fair, so I’m not going to do my homework.  It’s not fair, so I’m not going to pay my taxes. 
People are lazy and they cry out “hope!”, “change!”, and “fair!,” then they don’t have to do the work.