The Republican Party is at a major crossroads with no updated map, GPS, working compass, or the knowledge of navigating by the stars.  Different fractions of the party want to go a different way.  Each fraction believes that they are right.  They often refuse to listen to other people.  I have some advice.  GROW UP.  We, as a party, need to decide what is important.  Establish that and then decide how to work from there. 
We have this amazing opportunity to come back bigger and stronger than ever.   We know what this administration’s policies are going to do.  We need to be able to be a leading strong voice to come in and clean house in 2012.  Right now I don’t think we’re on our way to doing that.   We need it at every level.  Get off your bums and go to meetings. 
Liberals know how to appeal to the masses.  They know how to talk to them.  They package their ideology very well.  We aren’t so good at PR and marketing.  How do we change this?  How do we show people what conservatism is all about?   The liberals have the media and pop culture.  We need to infiltrate it.  How?  How do we work over our image?  I hate to say it, but it’s true.  Republicans never go after the young voters.  Start programs with high schools and colleges.  It doesn’t have to be political, but about the conservative ideology.  Start having commercials.  Write works of fiction.  While, you may enjoy nonfiction there are a lot of average Joe’s out there who want to escape with a work of fiction.  Write movie scripts.  Write sitcom scripts.  Write conservative based songs.  Infiltrate pop culture. 
We don’t need to get Republicans with us.  We don’t want to preach to the choir.  We want new blood.  New ideas.  I think we need to exchange ideas, and the way to do that is to sit down be quiet and LISTEN.  We are not always going to agree.  It would be quite boring if we did.  However, we do need to find a solid foundation on what we want to rebuild.  How we’re going to rebuild.  When we’re going to do it.  Why we’re going to do it.  Let’s make the Republican Party a party made out of brick, not straw.