What is a Republican?

I am sure all of you can answer that question.  Further more, I am sure all of you can answer what the difference between our party and the democrat party.  So if we know the answer then why is it the title?  Simply put the average American who voted probably does not know what the Republican party stands for and what the difference is between us and the Democrat party.

I have been a frequent reader of Redstate since this summer.  I became a member a month or so ago and today is my first diary.  I apologize if I am pointing out things we already know or rehashing things.  But, I wanted to get this out.  I worked as a substitute teacher for four years and am now working outside of the school system while trying to get a teaching job.  Throughout my experiences as a sub, through conversations with friends(I live in New Jersey you can assume which party they belong to), and in my general surfing of the web I have noticed a few things. 

People may adamantly state that they are a Democrat, but their opinions and actions say otherwise.  People when spewing their hatred of Bush and all us evil republicans start to show their ignorance on matters because they always have holes the size of a tank in their “facts”.   Who is to blame for this?

1.  The person.  Laziness on their part.  We cannot make people research and find out the FACTS.  This is one problem that will be hard to fix.  You can’t make someone care.

2.  The MSM.  We all know they are biased to the left.  We need hard facts to show this and we need to show it to everyone we know.  Everyone we know who is not a Republican.  Call them out on it.  Call the stations.  Write letters.  Get the word out.  A lot of people believe the MSM without a single doubt.  We know this.  The swallow every lie, omission, and misinterpretation of the facts.  So we know what the problem is here.  I’ve seen all the diaries and comments about the MSM.  So what do we do about it?  What about a MSM army?  I don’t know what the solution is, but I think we can come up with something to battle it.

3. Our education system.  College-  I went to a very liberal school.  In fact, in my Environmental Studies class the professor NEVER talked about the environment.  No no he talked about his hatred of Bush and republicans in general and how we are the reason that “we are all going to hell in a hand basket”.    Now I majored in history and everything was based on “social history”.  It was all a liberal agenda to teach us how evil conservatives were.  I had one class where the professor gave me a D on a paper because the views expressed in the paper “were not those of the class”.  I had refused to write about the evil white men.  I, instead, chose to honor them and write about what and who they were.  I refuse to rewrite history to back up my ideology.   So why did I never do anything?  I didn’t want to fail.  Looking back now, I should have gone to the Dean to complain.  I could have transferred to another school.  Unfortunately, though all of New Jersey public schools are like this one.  

4.  Our Schools- K-12- Ah, our lovely public school system.  It is a joke.  Kids today do not learn anything in history classes.  As most of you know teachers in general are liberals.  This effects what is taught in the classroom.  Children are not being taught the full story of our Nation’s history.  They get the bit pieces that further emphasize a liberal ideology.  Students do not know the Constitution.  Students do not know simple economics.  Students do not know the map of the United States.  Yes, I am 100 percent serious.  We I student taught only five kids out of 120 knew where all 50 states where.  I was teaching eleventh grade.  They did not know who Reagan was.  How do we overcome this massacre of our kids’ education?  What do we do?  What can we do?  How do we do it?  What is the solution? 

5.  Incomplete biased websites-  So, I decided to pretend like I did not know what a Republican was or what the difference was between our party and the Democrat party.  I did what most people do.  I googled!  (I love to randomly google things when I am  bored)  The websites that come up are garbage.  Nothing is in plain simple English.  It’s easy to understand if you follow politics.  However, most people are lay people and need things to be spelled out in simple bulleted points with visuals to help aid in their understanding.  Here’s a look at wikipedia’s comparison of the parties. I hope that link works.  First time doing this sorry!  I do not know how to copy and paste a quote from a website, but if you go to the above link you will see that it mentions

 ” Economic performance In Unequal democracy: The political-economy of the new gilded age (Princeton, 2008), Princeton political scientist Larry Bartels presents his research findings that Democratic presidents have generally been more successful in both, spurring overall income growth and creating a more equitable distribution of income since World War II”  

It goes on a bit to talk about how the Democrats were better blah blah blah and that’s the end of the page.   Nice.  Not biased at all right?   I have this theory on research and please I want to know what you think about this.  I believe that you can do research, surveys, use charts and numbers (remember numbers don’t lie, oh but people DO or mislead) and validate any number of theories and or ideologies.  You can probably do some really good research and come up with a paper that talks about how great Hitler is.  (Heck, look at all the Obama followers.)  I am sure if you read their stuff it sounds great and look at all the lovely citations they have!  They have studies and this and that.  Oh, my obviously this is telling the truth and wouldn’t leave out anything that didn’t back this up! 

So what do we do?  I have a suggestion, though I would put it into someone else’s hand.  People, those who do not follow politics and are not savvy at all when it comes to these matters, need clear concise facts.  Use only facts.  NO OPINIONS.  NO EXCUSES.  JUST CLEAR CUT FACTS.  This is what a republican is.  This is what a democrat is.  Then explain in the simplest terms possible.  You know there are people who have no idea what the term “fiscal” means.  Show voting records.  Use elementary examples.  Something that a twelve year old can understand.  Perhaps when it comes to explaining the philosophy behind each party.  Do not use big words.  Republican-  man is hungry we teach him how to fish.  Liberals- man is hungry okay they take fish from other fishermen to spread that fish around and the cycle continues and continues.