I am so proud to be a conservative and support McCain today

For me, last night was the greatest night in political history. Greater than the first African-American presidential nominee and greater than the first GOP female vice-presidential nominee. Last night was the first time a presidential nominee showed the world that the presidency (and the most powerful position on earth) is greater than the individual running for election. It is a given, something we all know; however, presidential nominees make it more about themselves and their party than about the actual office and service. I actually “felt” McCain’s words come through the television and they really affected me in a moving way.

I tend to be a little cynical about candidates (even the ones I whole-heartedly support) because I was a former Republican operative and I’ve seen how in contemporary campaigns, depsite candidates’ words, it really is all about the candidate and the party winning, not the citizens. McCain is the real deal. My husband likened his speech last night to an addict at an AA meeting spilling his entire guts–only McCain did it to the whole nation. It was an amazing moment and as a conservative I am extremely proud to support the McCain/Palin ticket.

The maverick in McCain actually appeals to me. We may not agree upon all the issues; however, I do not mind. The country does require a balance and I believe that McCain will provide a voice for all Americans. He’s given social conservatives a voice in Sarah Palin (and she is awesome) that is much appreciated. I like that he reached out to the entire nation last night, not just independents or unhappy Democrats (because he already has us Republicans). It is important to me that my views are represented in government; however, I know that everyone’s beliefs need to be represented.I believe that John McCain will make sure that everyone’s voice is heard and he will make decisions that benefit all Americans. A president who will work for the greater good, and protects society’s core values in the process, is a rare bird.

I hope my conservative bretheren are sharing these same feelings of pride and optimism today. God bless America!!