Brief and Direct: Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood

From the morning paper–Eugene Robinson of the WaPo Writers Group, regarding Egyptian turmoil:

The interior minister’s claim that soldiers did not use live ammunition was the kind of bald-faced lie that only repressive governments think they can get away with; Western correspondents described seeing protesters cut down by sniper fire….

I say a regime with the press in its pocket thinks the same way. If those correspondents didn’t report it, they would get away with it. How about the following gems from somewhere closer than Egypt? Is the government that issued these bald-faced lies “repressive”? I think it’s getting there:

Black Panthers with clubs outside polling places? Nothing to see there. No prosecution necessary.

We have to give millions of dollars to companies like Solyndra to “jump start” the Green industry.

The Keystone pipeline would only create 50 permanent jobs.

The border has never been as secure as it is today.

The shooting at Fort Hood is an example of “workplace violence.”

It’s Bush’s fault.

The president was closely involved in the capture/killing of bin Laden.

We’ve created 9 million new jobs.

The attack at Benghazi was caused by an objectionable video posted on the Internet.

The decision to sidetrack Tea Party groups’ legal applications for educational tax status was made by “rogue agents” in a regional office.

Liberal groups were targeted by the IRS just as Tea Party groups were.

The President can’t comment on the attempts to deport a family who had been granted asylum from German religious persecution. This isn’t the seventeenth century.

We had to tell the judge that James Rosen was suspected of being a conspirator to leak secrets. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have granted the warrant to tap Rosen’s phones and emails. But we “never intended to prosecute him for being a reporter.”

We are storing pictures of every piece of mail sent in the US, and we retain copies of the metadata associated with every phone call made and every email sent, and we can access the contents of many or all of them, but we would never look at any of them without a properly executed and justified warrant.

Spending hundreds of millions of dollars for the President and his family to vacation in Europe, Africa, and Asia is completely justified by his position.

We have a deficit because too many people are not paying their fair share of taxes.

It’s Bush’s fault.

I have doubled the national debt because Congress wouldn’t cooperate with me.

We think the actions of the perpetrators of (Benghazi, Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious, IRS malfeasance, GSA overspending, NSA privacy and procedure violations) are unconscionable and unacceptable.

We won’t stop until we bring the perpetrators of (Benghazi, Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious, IRS malfeasance, GSA overspending, NSA privacy and procedure violations) to justice.

Benghazi, Ft. Hood, Fast and Furious, IRS malfeasance, GSA overspending, NSA privacy and procedure violations are phony scandals.

Republicans want to deny health care to the poor.

It’s ok for the President to enforce only the parts of laws that he likes. That’s what we call “faithfully executing” the law. He can delay the parts of Obamacare that are inconvenient politically, because he’s the President.

Congress will be covered by Obamacare, just like everybody else.

Congress and its staff can’t afford to participate in Obamacare unless the government picks up 75% of the tab.

We can cover the health needs of 30 million additional non-paying individuals, and it won’t cost one thin dime more than it does now. (And the quantity and quality of care won’t suffer, either.)

You’ll be able to keep your present health insurance if you want to.

The government won’t restrict access to health care for the elderly or anybody else.

Income tax information is completely secure. It is never disclosed to anyone without a court order.

The privacy and integrity of your health records will be safe with us.

It’s still Bush’s fault.

Heck, this regime can even get away with telling the painful truth without being called on it:

I’m in favor of wealth re-distribution.

When we pass this Cap and Trade legislation, it will cause energy prices to skyrocket.

What I want in the end is a single-payer health insurance program.

The elderly may have to accept pain killers instead of surgery.

I won.