Thursday's Hearings Confirm GOP Ineptitude

Or perhaps their timidity, or their stupidity.

I’m not a big fan of Greta van Susteren of Fox News Channel, but Thursday night she was right on target.  She interviewed Iowa’s Representative Steve King, the only Congressional questioner who was prepared to ask Attorney General Eric Holder the key question, “Who was the DOJ official who authorized Fast and Furious?”

vS:  “…no one will tell us who the one is with such flawed judgement.”

K:  “That’s right.  The individual, the highest up the ladder that would have authorized Fast and Furious, if Eric Holder will not identify that person or answer that question, you have to wonder if Eric Holder isn’t the person.”

Sounds like a pretty important question, doesn’t it?

Rep. King said he had sent a letter to Holder two days ago and told him he wanted the answer to that question; come [prepared] to answer that question.  Yet, says King, “The gavel fell on me just as I was prepared to ask….”

Van Susteren then interrupted him by asking, incredulously, “But what about your colleagues?  …Don’t your colleagues want…  To me, that’s the most important question….  If you didn’t get a chance to ask it, why didn’t somebody else ask it?”

King:  “…Maybe I could have gotten it done if I would have written it out and walked down the line and found somebody; they all had their own agenda, but I will follow up.  I will follow up with a written request to get an answer to that question, some weeks or months, the last time was May third, we got the answers to our questions on October thirty-first, so it takes a long time to get answers out of this attorney general.”

And Steve King is one of the GOOD guys.

At that point I suspect more than a few other viewers were screaming along with me at the TV, “You PINHEADS!  You have the guy under oath and you don’t ask him the most obvious, the most pertinent question of all, WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE?”  That is such an important question because it can have only two tenable answers–a name, which can be followed up with “Why has he not been fired or demoted so that he can’t make any more terrible decisions like this?” or the other answer, “We don’t know,” which tells us that the entire DOJ is either too incompetent to investigate one gigantic SNAFU, or that somebody (Holder) is covering something up.  Even King recognized that there is no reason for Holder to try to protect an unknown (as yet) underling who is responsible for the decision.  “Why would Eric Holder not [identify] that individual unless that line leads to him or the President?  That’s my question.”  But Rep. King and the other incompetents of the GOP failed to even ASK the question.

Now, let’s move on to other Republican leadership.  Which of the geniuses on the House Agriculture Committee decided to hold the hearings for John Corzine on the SAME DAY as that of Eric Holder?  I realize that Holder probably had some control over what day he appeared, but couldn’t the Corzine hearing have been postponed until next Monday?  By holding both hearings today, the news coverage was split between the two, and it’ll die out faster than if only one of them were in the spotlight at a time.  More importantly, the Corzine hearing diluted the coverage of Holder’s evasive appearance today.

It makes one wonder if the Republicans are even serious.  They don’t even put up a good fight when they’re IN THE MAJORITY.