Stuck on Stupid

Attention Mike Bloomberg, Rupert Murdoch, CEO’s of Disney, Marriott, and Boeing, and US Senators including McCain, Kyl, McConnell, Brown, and Graham:


We, the great unwashed, may be dumb ourselves, but we aren’t “Stuck on Stupid.”  We observe.  We experience.  We learn.  We know that any bill that passes the President’s desk that includes elements of what you call “comprehensive reform” will be a bill light on border security and heavy on compassion and amnesty.  So don’t waste your time and money pushing one; you’ll find that you’re up against an implacable group of united citizens.

If you really want a plan to be passed that addresses the unknown millions of illegal gate-crashers in our midst, then you have a very simple chore–PASS AND IMPLEMENT A CREDIBLE BORDER SECURITY LAW FIRST.  One that ONLY addresses the problem of keeping gate-crashers out and that does NOT mention anything about the millions of gate-crashers who are alreadY attending the party.  One that includes physical fences, big ones that are better than the idiotic ones we see in the news clips, the ones with the illegals climbing and crossing them easily.  Regarding those fences, where is the concertina wire, the barbed wire, the hot wire at the top?  Gimme a break.

In fact, a new law may not be necessary.  Funding of the 2007 Border Fence law, including installation of a credible fence (see above), along with upgraded Border Patrol equipment and manpower might do the job.

Supplement that with high-tech methods where necessary and appropriate, but if a fence can be built anyplace on the border, BUILD IT.

Don’t just pass it and fund it, PUT THE FENCE IN PLACE AND ENFORCE THE IMMIGRATION LAWS.  Then watch it work for about five years.

That’s all there is to it.  Do all that, and you will have majority support for almost anything you want to do with the illegals living here.  They can become Disney park workers, or FoxNewsCorp. executives; nobody will care, because WE WILL KNOW THEY WON’T BE FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER WAVE IN A FEW YEARS.  Do less than that and you’ll get no help with your dreams of cheap labor and captive voters from us.

If you MUST do “something” during that five year period, separately enact a law changing the “Stuck on Stupid” rule that says US-born babies of illegal gate-crashers automatically become US citizens.  Canada (I’m told) is the only other country in the world that has such a rule, and our rule is based on a possible misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment.  If not a law, then pass an Amendment.  It makes no sense as it’s applied today, and the privilege of “free” citizenship is a strong motivation to illegal gate-crashers.

If you try to tell us in legislation that the border will be secured while the status of illegals is being adjusted, we aren’t going to buy it.  Again, WE AREN’T GOING TO BUY IT.  Because we aren’t “Stuck on Stupid.”  You are, however, if you try to run that pig by us again.  The secure border must be proven to us first, then we’ll talk again.

ps.  President Obama:  If you think some of us are upset with you now, we are calm compared to what will happen if you try to “legalize” illegals by executive order.  Can you imagine approval ratings under twenty percent?  Under ten percent?  Remember, 80% were against the failed comprehensive plan of 2007, and it was being put forward according to Constitutional protocols.  Who knows how many more would turn against you if you try to sneak it past us as a fait accompli?

pps.  As you may have guessed, the capital letters indicate ideas that are very important, but also very simple.  If you still don’t understand that we don’t trust you, READ IT AGAIN.