Letter to Ann Kirkpatrick, (D) AZ, and the Blue Dog Coalition

I just sent this probably useless email to my Representative in Congress and to the Blue Dog Democrats via the Michael Medved website.  It follows another, different one sent via her own website, and a telephone call (message machine, of course).  The whole thing makes me sick.

Dear Representative Kirkpatrick and Fellow Democratic Citizens:

I am firmly opposed to this “health care” bill.  It is a fantasy to believe that it will save the American people money in the short or the long term.  The CBO numbers are NOT a prediction of what this will cost or save, they are generated as a comparison to be used against OTHER PROPOSALS.  As such, to rely on them to claim this bill will save us money is disingenuous in the extreme.

The fact is this bill will cost trillions of dollars, and it will require trillions of dollars in taxes to keep it running.  IF THOSE TAX DOLLARS ARE REALLY AVAILABLE, USE THEM TO STABILIZE MEDICARE.

But the truth is, those tax monies are NOT available, because if you try to tax the people at rates high enough to generate them, you will kill the economy, a la Jimmy Carter.

This bill will result in higher costs, if for no other reason than the costs MUST INCLUDE both our premiums and the taxes to pay for other people’s premiums and for the bureaucracy to support this monstrosity.  Significantly reduced reimbursement for medical care, which is a major part of the supposed “savings” in this bill, will drive doctors out of either medicine or the country.  That will result in rationing of some kind, although I suppose you don’t understand that.  It’s already getting hard to find a doctor that will accept Medicare.  How hard will it be when the entire country is on the equivalent of Medicare?

Further, the bill will NOT result in universal coverage.  Only about 40% of those currently without medical insurance will be covered under this bill, unless you quickly “legalize” the 20 million or so illegal aliens presently in the country, and your party has said they won’t do that.  If they do so to provide the coverage, the cost will be even greater.

Governor Brewer has already taken steps to reduce Medicaide in Arizona because we simply can’t pay for it.  Other Governors will be forced to do the same.  What do you propose to do about that?  If you cover those people under the new plan, it costs even more.  If you don’t, even fewer people are covered.

And that’s all without pointing out that the whole idea is an unconstitutional intrusion by the federal government into the people’s personal affairs.

I urge you to do the RIGHT THING.  Your loyalty should not be to the President’s “legacy” or to his “presidency.”  Your loyalty should be to the people and to the Constitution.  Vote NO.

Thank you.