Those of us who still read the newspaper comic strips (which now requires a fair-sized magnifying glass) are familiar with the Bumstead family.  Nominal head of household is Dagwood Bumstead, father of Alexander and Cookie, and husband to Blondie, after whom the strip is named.  The family has aged only slightly in the 79 years since it was first published.  The kids have gone from infants to college- and teen-agers, but Dagwood still works for that slave driver Julius Dithers, and Blondie is still the beautiful blond knockout that the bumbling Dagwood somehow managed to snag during the depression.  Maybe it was because he had a job then, when a lot of other cartoon men didn’t.

A recurring gag in the strip for at least 60 years has been the one where Blondie comes in the front door, carrying a stack of shoeboxes, and excitedly tells Dagwood she’s just come from a sale at Bigbee’s Department Store.

Dagwood: “Blondie, we can’t afford those all those shoes.”

Blondie: “But, Dear, they were 50% off.  Just look how much I saved us!”

That’s Blondienomics, and it’s the theory of fiscal behavior that Democrats firmly believe in.  It comes in various guises.

The President tells us that by spending trillions of dollars we don’t have, we can create jobs and provide health care for everybody, while nobody who makes less than $250,000 per year will pay “one single dime” more in taxes. (1)

Congressional leaders tell us that a new program will “pay for itself” because they are going to raise taxes (presumably on folks who make more than $250,000 per year) to cover the added expense.  Oh, and they’re also going to get some of the money by “closing loopholes” in the tax code.  (Those loopholes have been being closed by Congress since Cookie Bumstead was called “Baby Dumpling.”)  (2)

Fox News tells us that “…Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid abruptly announced Thursday that he had drastically slimmed down the bill from $85 billion to just $15 billion, tossing out key priorities of both Republicans and Democrats.”  It’s not yet verified that he followed this with the statement, “Just look how much I saved us!”

Last, but far from least, Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich appeared today on Fox’s Your World with Neil Cavuto. He announced his own job-creation program, and it turned out to be a win-win proposal.  Kucinich’s idea is to lower the Social Security retirement age to 60 years of age, for only the first one million people who jump at the opportunity.  Paraphrasing Kucinich, “That will create one million new jobs.  And one million people who wish to retire will be able to do so.”  When the substitute host pointed out that it would actually just take one million employed people out of those jobs and put one million different people into them, Kucinich was adamant.  “The unemployment rolls will drop by one million people.  One million fewer people will be in need of jobs.  Of course it won’t solve the entire problem, but it will help alleviate it.”  Blondienomics strikes again. (3)

I probably should just quit there, but this conversation by Congressman Kucinich should be saved and used by Republicans in races for political office nationwide.  It illustrates the absolute cluelessness that Democrats bring to the economic table.  Yes, he’s just one man, but he is more representative of Democrats than we might imagine.

(1) Never mind that this is impossible, given the size of today’s federal government.

(2) Never mind that no government program has ever paid for anything itself.  The public pays for it all.

(3) Why not just let the first 15 million people who want to retire on Social Security do so?  Need I say more?

UPDATE!!!!  The video of Congressman Kucinich’s interview has become available from Fox News.  According to the Congressman, putting one million people onto the Social Security dole two to five years early would cost only $15 billion dollars (from the TARP funds).  That’s only $15,000 per person, which is only $1250 each, per month, for ONE YEAR.  You have to love Blondienomics! You can do almost anything with it, yet it barely costs “one single dime.”