Things I'm absolutely, positively sure about. Mostly.

President Barry hasn’t found a campaign promise he isn’t willing to break.

It will be a mistake if Republicans help Democrats “fix” their health care disaster.

Bipartisanship is a losing proposition for Republicans.  In that football game, the Democrats are Lucy and the Republicans are Charlie Brown.

Personal biases make any political event difficult to analyze on live TV.  Liberal commentators have the added handicap of being wrong to begin with.

The American public has very little understanding of what the Federal Reserve is, does, should do, or could do.  Making a public issue of the Fed Chairman is a classic red herring.

George W. Bush was wrong about everything.  It’s all his fault, including the earthquake in Haiti.  Just ask President Barry.

Barack Hussein Obama is right about everything, but George W. Bush is causing his policies to fail.  All that leftover anger, you know.  Just ask President Barry.

Speaking of anger, angry is a media code word for irrational.  And populist is code for redneck rube.

Democrats aren’t losing elections because of anger, populism, dumb political tactics, money, or because their message isn’t getting out.  They’re losing because their ideas are wrong, and even public school students can recognize it.

Republicans aren’t winning because of anger, populism, shrewd political tactics, money, or because their message is convincing.  They’re winning because they have to win if the Democrats lose.  Conservatives are winning because of the above, however, and because their ideas are right.

Democrats use the federal deficit as a distraction.  Excessive spending during good and bad times is the ongoing problem, not the annual deficit.

If the recent Supreme Court decision overturning some campaign finance “reform” rules will bring about election-year disasters (according to Liberals), why didn’t those disasters occur before the unconstitutional laws in question passed?  Because they are wrong once again.

Robert Gibbs and his boss, President Barry, can dance around the truth like the Four Step Brothers used to dance around the Ed Sullivan Show.

When the government does a favor for one business, it steps on the neck of that business’s competitors.

Attempting to control what other people make is an exercise for the true egomaniacs among us.  Attempting to justify it by claiming to know what other people deserve is delusional.

CEOs are paid by their stockholders, so overpaying them is the stockholders’ problem.  If they aren’t paid by their stockholders the problem lies elsewhere, not with the CEOs.

President Barry is following President Billy’s lead at double-time.  He’s doing many things wrong quickly, making it difficult to keep tabs on all of them.

It’s not surprising that President Barry and his people can’t make sense out of the election of Scott Brown in Massachusetts.  They couldn’t connect the dots before the Fruit-of-Kaboom bomber either, and his father went to the Embassy twice to warn them about his son, who then proceeded to travel while sending up all the red flags already identified by the TSA.  The dots need to be MUCH bigger for this administration to even see them, let alone make connections.

Of course the TSA shouldn’t profile travelers.  If they did, they wouldn’t be able to stop anybody.

I am very suspicious of Eric Holder.  Based on his record he’s working for the other side, and I don’t mean the Republicans or the Democrats.

Our government is spending too much of our children’s money.  My own money is all gone.

It’s not surprising that President Barry’s political appointments are mostly incompetent and/or on the left fringe.  Who else does he know?

Only a politician with no respect for the Constitution would either propose or consider subsidizing newspapers.  Interference in the free market of newspapers certainly qualifies as “abridging the freedom of…the press.”

Even if GM pays back its bailout money, how does that help its former bondholders who had their rights abrogated and their money taken by an unethical if not illegal government takeover?

Sarah Palin is a good conservative and would have made a fine Vice President.  She has an inspiring life story.  That doesn’t make her a good Presidential candidate.

Closing the prison at Guantanamo and paying millions to replace it on the mainland is stupid.  See “Eric Holder,” above.

Trying illegal combatants in NYC?  See “Closing the prison at Guantanamo” above.

Only a religious zealot would think it’s a good idea to bet everything on the idea that completely altering our way of life is necessary in order to avert a questionable catastrophe that is being foretold by computers, especially when told that going all in can only produce a 0.006 percent change in the result.

To freeze part of the budget, but not foreign aid, is window dressing and therefore meaningless.  But it sounds good.

Adding a job within government hurts the economy, it doesn’t help it.  Government workers don’t pay taxes–we pay their taxes for them, because we pay their salaries.

The Tea Party has been wildly successful as a movement.  It will dissolve into nothing if somebody tries to turn it into a political party.

Nobody in the media, other than Rush Limbaugh and perhaps Glenn Beck,  understands the Tea Party movement.  For example, Bill O’Reilly: “…it’s the conservative, Tea Party, hard-right people, against the John McCain, Charley Crist, moderate Republicans.  You know those factions are fighting it out within the Republican Party–much like the far left, …is fighting the moderate Democrats in that party.”  Calling the Tea Partiers “hard right” and comparing them to the far left Democrat wingnuts completely misses the mark, as does the concept of “moderate Democrat.”  The Tea Party would have gone nowhere if it were a fringe movement on either side.  In fact, it’s right down the center of the American people.

Mark Steyn is brilliant.  He, too, understands.