They can't help themselves. Thank goodness.

Watching the Liberal Sycophantic Democrat cable news channel, MS/LSD, I saw Keefe Uberdorker’s head explode as his bowels spewed out of his mouth.  I heard the words “homophobic,” “sexist,” and a few others I can’t remember because I was laughing so hard.  Oh, yes, “teabagging.”

A few moments earlier, I had heard him ask Howard Fineman if racism was a factor in the expected results in Massachusetts (the Democrats are already ordering up a fleet of buses from Greyhound to throw each other under [disclaimer:  that’s Keefum’s funny idea, not mine]), and Fineman took more than a couple minutes to say, “It doesn’t appear to be, at least not yet.”  While doing so, he managed to suggest that Brown’s campaign ads showing that he owns a truck somehow are racist.

He couldn’t help himself.  The correct answer was, “Absolutely not.  There’s nothing racist about disagreeing with the President.  Dissent is the highest form of patriotism, and these people strongly disagree with the President and his policies.”

The meme among Democrats remains:  Democrats are being turned back temporarily because of Americans who are ignorant, uneducated, uninformed, misinformed, immature, unsophisticated, gun-toting, Bible-thumping, beer-drinking, NASCAR-watching, Fox-addicted, nose-picking, sheet-wearing, homophobic, misanthropic, jingoistic, anti-immigrant, selfish, greedy, tea-bagging, sexist, Muslim-hating, irrational, isolationist, racist, George Bushie morons who nevertheless will see the light before the next election and keep the Democrats in power because most Americans support Barack Obama and want him to take over health care, the manufacturing economy and the American banking system.  They can’t help themselves.

Because Democrats believe what I just wrote, Republicans will have a tremendous opportunity in November and the following two years.

Now, if only the Republicans can stop themselves from falling back into the “stupidity as usual” posture they took the last time they had majorities and the Presidency.  They must change their own ways and move towards conservatism if they are to profit from the Democrats’ mistakes.