Message to Democrat Congressman: STOP SPENDING!

My Dear Sir/Madam:

You have been telling me that it’s imperative to pass a health care/health insurance/health delivery bill that would overhaul our current system (one that over 80% of us are fairly happy with) at a cost of about $1,500,000,000,000 over the next ten years.  That’s $1.5 trillion dollars above and beyond the amount that the bill is designed to recoup in additional taxes and reduced payments to Medicare practitioners.

You’ve also supported a $1 trillion “stimulus” bill, one that was passed in haste, even without beIng read, because it was deemed essential to jump start the economy immediately.  Yet nine months later, less than 10% of that money has been distributed, and that has gone to some of the least stimulative programs available.

You allowed/abetted the government takeover of two-thirds of the American auto industry.  You paid out good money, lots of it, stole assets from the bondholders of both companies, and gave the results to an Italian company and the UAW.  The excuse given was that it would protect American jobs and avoid bankruptcies.  Yet, neither goal was met.

You and your party are in favor of the Cap-and-Trade Bill, (even though you may have voted against it for re-election positioning purposes).  It passed in the House.  It will impose huge costs on all Americans, in addition to being a true boondoggle which will have none of the benefits claimed for it.

Finally, you wasted $3 billion of our grandchildren’s taxes on the Cash for Clunkers program.  To subsidize the sale of about 750,000 vehicles (most of them non-American made) over the last few weeks, you gave that $3 billion to consumers.  But that money is NOT in the budget.  Maybe it came out of the stimulus package.  In any event, the money isn’t in the piggy bank, either.  It is being borrowed by the sale of long-term government bonds.  The end result is that the government is doing something that no sensible individual would do–it’s paying for an automobile down payment with a 30-year loan.  Thus, our grandchildren, even our great-grandchildren, will be paying taxes to repay it when that bill comes due, and we’ll all be paying taxes on the interest in the meantime.  And even the most optimistic projection is that it will result in the reduction of carbon emissions by only 0.0006%.  Hardly even measurable.

So, STOP SPENDING.  Everything you vote for that increases spending, whether you have theoretically “paid for” it with increased taxes or decreased spending elsewhere, still results in an expenditure that wasn’t required last year, last decade, or last century. We got along without it before we met it, we can get along without it now.

The national debt is now about $12,000,000,000,000, and the President is proposing that we add over $1 trillion a year to it for the next several years.  That is unsustainable.  If you can reduce spending elsewhere, DO IT.  Use that savings to reduce the deficit, to add less to the national debt every year.  If you have found a source of painless tax revenues that you can tap to spend for a new project, TAP IT TO REDUCE OUR DEFICIT INSTEAD and hold off on the new project.

If you want to help even more, start rescinding last year’s new spending projects.  And the years’ before that. If they had really been essential, they would have been essential a long time ago. The only exception would be that spending to support the war and the safety of our troops is indeed essential.  It is also spending that can be cut out of the budget once we win the war.  I would also exempt long-term capital spending projects, one example of which might be procurement of military weapons systems.  There are other similar non-military exemptions as well, of course.  But in general, STOP SPENDING OUR GRANDCHILDREN’S MONEY ON NEW PROJECTS!

It’s been said that a Democrat never saw a spending bill he didn’t like.  It’s time to change that impression.  It’s time to say, “I CAN’T SEE ANY NEW SPENDING BILL THAT I LIKE, not until the deficit gets back to where it was in 2000.”

And that goes for Republicans, too.