Midstream update on Sotomayor hearing--Updated again!

Senator Kyl corrected the record on Sandra Day O’Connor vs. Sonya Sotomayor.  O’Connor said she believed a wise man and a wise woman would come to the same conclusion.  Sotomayor said she thought a Latina would come to a better decision than a white man.  That implies a different conclusion.  That implies she thinks a Latina thinks better than a white man does.  Kyl caught the distinction, but in my opinion, didn’t stress it strongly enough.

They are also getting tied up in a red herring of how this has not apparently affected her prior decisions.  The point should be that it is a racist point of view–one ethnic group thinks better than another one does.

He may have also caught the fact that she misquoted O’Connor in her previous answer.  I can’t go into it here, because I just don’t have the transcript.  But in effect, she earlier misquoted O’Connor to imply that O’Connor had claimed a woman would make a smarter decision than would a man.

Paddy Leahy called a quick recess so Chuckie Schumer could put together a review of SoSo cases that show how “fair” she is.

Schumer is now in the process of redefining “empathy.”


Update:  I found the video of SoSo’s evasion to Senator Sessions regarding her take on Justice O’Connor’s statement that “a wise old man should reach the same decison as a wise old woman.”  Quoting SoSo,

I knew that Justice O’Connor couldn’t have meant that if judges reached different conclusions, legal conclusions, that one of them wasn’t wise.

Well, duh!  Of course it wasn’t what she meant.  It wasn’t what she said.  This is artless evasion, plain and simple.  To think that “a wise Latina will reach better decisions than a white man” is a parallel or even contrasting idea as a way of agreement is nonsense.

It’s time to call her on this, again.  Perhaps Senator Cornyn will do so tomorrow.