It's Time for Democrats to Prove They Were Right

Starting with the Presidential election of 2004, a recurring claim of the Democrat Party has been that calm, rational, reasonable leadership by a Democrat President will bring the leaders and the people of the rest of the world, and particularly of Europe, to join with us in our fight against evil in the world.  According to Democrats, we haven’t had much international support because nobody liked George W. Bush.  With John Kerry or John Edwards Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama as the person in charge in the US, world leaders would fall in line behind us if we called for action on the world stage.  The change would be phenomenal.  Where Bush had to beg and talk and explain and assure and send his Secretary of State to speak to the United Nations just to get a “coalition of the willing” to help us liberate Iraq (30 to 45 countries, depending on their level of assistance, according to Colin Powell in 2003), Kerry or Hillary or Obama would only need to ask in order to receive all the help (s)he would want.

Obama came into office with the knowledge that Iran and North Korea both have the potential to be bigger problems than Iraq and Afghanistan combined, and that Afghanistan and Pakistan were likely to get worse before they got better, perhaps far worse.  He assured us, by his participation in the electoral process, that he was capable of managing these situations successfully, even of solving them completely.  There was an unspoken implication that his Democratic charisma would serve us well in getting other countries to support our initiatives.

So what is going on behind the Oval Office curtain?  If President Obama is living up to his promises, he has been working  behind the scenes to line up that support.  He has had Secretary Clinton meeting with foreign leaders to solidify their solidarity.  He has had former President Clinton playing golf in Presidential twosomes on President-only courses around the world.  He has had Senator Kerry windsurfing with Prime Ministers on beaches from Martha’s Vineyard to Majorca.  He’s sent Vice President Biden (sans press corps) to speak at every school for the deaf in Antarctica.  And what have they all been discussing around the globe?

If he’s serious about his responsibilities, these emissaries have been convincing dozens, nay hundreds, of world leaders that they must step up and step into Iraq and Afghanistan to take our place when we have to pull our troops out in order to solve the Iranian or North Korean nuclear crises when they erupt.  The Democrat Party has assured us for eight years that this was the kind of thing that a Democrat would do so much better than a Republican could.  And judging by Obama’s successful campaign swing through Europe last summer, it appeared that they were right.

So thank you, Barack Obama, for protecting world peace by insuring that the rest of the world will march in lockstep behind us when we save them once again from their own failings.  I know you can’t admit that these diplomatic missions are actually taking place, but I’m sure that you aren’t wasting the time leading up to the next (first) nuclear showdown since the Cuban Missile Crisis on government-paid campaign junkets to support some hack Senator.  As the most intelligent President since President Clinton, you are working as hard as you can to make sure that we are not alone when the time comes.

I’m choosing to ignore the fact that you haven’t been able to get any Guantanamo prisoners placed anywhere in the world except for the one, in France.  You obviously must have had some Republicans leading the missions to look for that support.  So don’t fail me.  Show us that Democrats were right when they told us that any of you could charm the battalions right out of Europe.  We’re going to need them, and soon.