A Letter to (soon-to-be former) Senator Judd Gregg.

I emailed the following letter to Senator Gregg a few minutes ago.  I expect to hear back from him sometime in March.  I don’t know what year.

Dear Senator Gregg:

We ask you to please reconsider your decision to abdicate your seat in the US Senate in favor of a far less significant position in the Obama Cabinet.  There are several reasons you should reverse course and stay in the Senate.

First, you campaigned for the Senate seat in New Hampshire, and the people of your state confirmed that you were the person they wanted in that seat.  You have two more years, at least, to serve.

Second, you will join in that Cabinet with an Attorney General who could not recognize the folly of pardoning Marc Rich and Puerto Rican terrorists, and who agreed with the raid on the family of Elian Gonzales which resulted in his return to Communist Cuba.  You’ll be rubbing elbows with a Treasury Secretary who was either a tax cheat or a financial accounting dunce, and whose ethics compel him to pay up on evaded taxes only to the point where he’s protected by the statute of limitations.  You’ll sit at the same table with a Secretary of State couldn’t distinguish between being shot at on a runway in Europe and imagining it later.  And YOU’LL be sitting at the kids’ end of the table.  Do you really want to associate with these people, rather than the tax cheats, dunces, and delusionals in the Congress?  You are forced to associate with the latter group by reason of the electoral process; you’ll be associating with the former group by choice.

Third, your Republican colleagues (and the American people) NEED you in the Senate.  We understand that you are a steadfast defender of fiscal responsibility, and that’s precisely the quality most needed in the Senate this year.  While the lady who is proposed as your replacement may be, as she said herself, a “reasonable” Republican, you must recognize that “reasonableness” is exactly NOT what the Republicans need in the Senate at this time.

Fourth, you are well aware that the Commerce Department is a minor player in the affairs of Government, and you’ve already voted to abolish it.  You will also be on the opposite side of many, if not all, issues from President Obama, and he’ll be in the position of being able to either ignore you or order you to enact policies you strongly disagree with.  Will you not wonder that perhaps he selected you to neutralize a feared opponent in the Senate?

Finally, Tom Daschle set a precedent today:  if your nomination to a Cabinet position is not beneficial to the American people, you should withdraw from consideration, even if your nomination has already been announced and accepted.  Nobody will think less of you for it, even President Obama.  After all, shouldn’t we all act on our own principled convictions?