How McCain can turn it around.

[In October, 2008, when I first published this diary, John McCain and Sarah Palin had enjoyed a brief time in the lead against the Obama-Biden team, but it was short-lived and we all know the end result.  I’m adding this preface because, when I just re-read the piece, it seemed to me that whether I was right or not, the issues I suggested that McCain raise are at eh root of the same issues that are still being debated in the press.  They all have to do with facets of Obama’s history or of his mindset that were mostly kept under wraps then, but which have come back to bite us since the election.

McCain was loathe to mention personal issues during the campaign, but these were personal issues that indicated possible problems with Obama’s future performance as President.  Further, the tax and spend issues were not personal at all, yet they were never emphasized as being impossibly contradictory.  McCain was not simply being polite when he held back on these issues, he was doing a disservice to the electorate by keeping them hidden, or at best as side issues.  His reticence allowed candidate Obama to control the daily news story.  Our next candidate needs to keep that in mind.]

Starting tomorrow, John McCain needs to get his name and positions into the news in a positive way. The only way left to him is to make provocative, newsworthy speeches.

What do the news media like? Controversy. So McCain needs to talk about:

Bill Ayers and the information found in the recently released Chicago Annenberg Challenge papers. How Obama was selected by Ayers. How Obama distributed millions of dollars to support the radicalization of children in Chicago, at the behest of Ayers. How he will do the same in the White House. Will Ayers be the new Secretary of Education? Obama has already changed his story about his relationship with Ayers. Why?

Obama has also changed his story on Rev. Wright at least twice. What is the real story?

ACORN. Obama worked for it. It is now under investigation in 9 states for vote fraud. Obama is the product of Chicago machine politics, not of altruism. Just what did Obama do for ACORN, anyway?

Obama’s “tax cuts” aren’t tax cuts at all, but welfare payments that end in one year. His promise to raise taxes on the “rich” will stifle the economy, and he will feel compelled to raise taxes across the board as soon as he sees a budget. Obama’s spending plans are wildly unrealistic.

There are other topics, but just these few should get McCain some air time. In the policy area, McCain should have his own answers at the ready. By making the above an issue, it should guarantee them as topics of the final debate.

Oh, yes, and he needs to get his surrogates, including Sarah, on somewhat the same plan.